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About Us

BusinessParrot is an entrepreneurial blog where an experienced Writer, Accountant and Business Analyst - Ikpokolo Francis Chukwuemeka, shares his vast and practical business models and tips which will enable individuals to be productive and make money legitimately. The global rate of unemployment is getting higher day by day and that is I have intervened at the right time with my this online diary of expert business guides where I embellish the various lucrative ways through which people can be self-reliant and financially independent running their own lucrative business ventures. Thanks to the thousands of the readers of this blog whose lives has changed dynamically for good after getting positive influence and inspiration from my write-ups.

Right here on this unique blog, I share real-time innovative and profitable business ideas and opportunities ranging from the small-scale ventures to the medium and larger-scale start ups such that irrespective of the capital or fund you have at hand, you can easily start up your own business and make money like your mates out there. Like I always advocate and say to the unemployed graduates as well as the under-employed masses, stop blaming the government for their failure to create jobs for the populaces. Never you wait for your non-existing white collar jobs while you languish your youth age in total idleness, financial dependency, abject ignorance and laziness. Be enterprising for once !

On a very interesting note, I share my articles on this platform free of charges and also, in such a way that the business concepts and ideas therein can be easily put to practice with little or no constraints for optimum returns and maximum profits. The opportunities and ideas that you will find here are wonderful and endless. We have guides on different forms of businesses including online means of making money, offline business models with regards to agriculture, telecommunication, transportation, manufacturing, rendition of services, technology, crafts, trading, oil and gas, to mention but just a few of them. Feel free to explore them to your satisfaction as supported by our usage terms and conditions. My core business as long as this blog is concerned is to make you a financially buoyant and successful person as soon as possible.

We always here for you and you can easily contact us with your words for prompt and reasonable feedback. Never you hesitate to reach us with your questions because I and my team are always zealous and willing to help you out of your financial difficulties. Information remains the barrier between the successful and the poverty-stricken. Endeavour to visit this blog daily and get as much business tips as you can. We are called 'The Business Parrot' because just like the parrot, we talk a lot about real ways of business that will earn you a lot of income on daily basis.

So relax and feel at home. This is your sure bank for reliable and profitable business ideas and investment opportunities that guarantees you high rates of returns. You are always welcome to BusinessParrot. Thank you for your readership and active participation as I assure you high quality contents that you will find pleasurable and enjoyable !
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