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Hurrah!!! You can now book your premium advertising spaces on strategic, eye-catching and attractive positions on our Blog at very cheap and affordable rates. With our effective advertising plans and packages, we will help to grant your products and services the necessary exposure, patronage and visibility to your preferred and target audiences, customers, buyers, users and consumers.

Our impressive site statistics on the notable Alexa Platform (for reliable website metrics and evaluation) is enough to speak well for us and convince you that setting your advertising campaigns, publicity and promotions with us will always yield positive results, generate massive sales leads for your business and convert into a boosted revenue level.

Thus, you can choose from any of our advertising plans and book your advert spaces for your business, websites, products, services, events, seminars and lots more as long as they are legally acceptable stuffs within your jurisdiction and those of your target audience too; and are neither infringing on the copyright of someone else or capable of causing harms and injury to lives and properties.

Specifically, we offer our standard advertising plans, packages and rates are as follows:

••• The 350x280 Advert Banner to be placed on the top right corner of our Blog on the Homepage of our Blog can be booked for the affordable sum of N20,000 per month or N5,000 per week.

••• The 350x280 Advert Banner to be placed immediately after the post body of all posts and articles on our Blog can be booked for the affordable sum of N20,000 per month or N5,000 per week.

••• The 350x280 Advert Banner to be placed immediately below the post title of all posts and articles on our Blog can be booked for the affordable sum of N50,000 per month or N15,000 per week.

••• The 750x90 Leader board Advert Banner to be placed immediately after the blog header can be booked for the affordable sum of N30,000 per month or N10,000 per week.

••• The 750x90 Leader board Advert Banner to be placed at the Blog footer position can be booked for the affordable sum of N15,000 per month or N5,000 per week.

••• Professional Sponsored posts and comprehensive reviews (containing a minimum of 350 Words) to promote your business, products, services and concepts can be written and published for you on our Blog for just N20,000 only. After a year duration, we will revert it to a draft post unless you pay additional N20,000 cash to renew the post and keep it published for another one year.

••• For other customized advert formats, banner sizes and types according to your choices and preferences, please feel free to kindly contact us with your deals for proper evaluation and modifications after which we will send you our price quote if we finally approve the deal.

If you are interested in buying any of these advertising plans from us, please design your advert banners according to the specific size that you want, make it look professional so that we would not reject it, gather other necessary details for the advertising campaign like your website URL or landing page and send them to us through our contact page. Our advertising team will then review the information you have provided and if approved, our bank payment details will be sent to you and your advert banner will be placed on our Blog depending on the package that you have subscribed for after the receipt and acknowledgement of the full advert fee from you.

We can still design your advert banners for you for a flat rate of N1,000 only. So feel free to hire us for high quality and professional banner, logo and general graphic design services.

Note that whenever our available advert placement spaces gets too congested with adverts from other clients, we will still receive your advert fees and place your adverts as soon as your desired spaces are available. So hurry up and claim the available spots as fast as you can and start spreading the word about your offers, products and services to your targeted audiences.

For any other information or inquiries regarding our advertising packages for your products, services, events and concepts, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible for prompt attention, assistance and support.



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