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Factors Determining Working Capital Requirements


Working Capital requirements depends upon various factors. There are no set of rules or formula to determine the Working Capital needs of the business concern. The following are the major factors which are determining the Working Capital requirements.

1. Nature of business: Working Capital of the business concerns largely depend upon the nature of the business. If the business concerns follow rigid credit policy and sell goods only for cash, they can maintain lesser amount of Working Capital. A transport company maintains lesser amount of Working Capital while a construction company maintains larger amount of Working Capital.

2. Production cycle: Amount of Working Capital depends upon the length of the production cycle. If the production cycle length is small, they need to maintain lesser amount of Working Capital. If it is not, they have to maintain large amount of Working Capital.

3. Business cycle: Business fluctuations lead to cyclical and seasonal changes in the business condition and it will affect the requirements of the Working Capital. In the booming conditions, the Working Capital requirement is larger and in the depression condition, requirement of Working Capital will reduce. Better business results lead to increase the Working Capital requirements.

4. Production policy: It is also one of the factors which affects the Working Capital requirement of the business concern. If the company maintains the continues production policy, there is a need of regular Working Capital. If the production policy of the company depends upon the situation or conditions, Working Capital requirement will depend upon the conditions laid down by the company.

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5. Credit policy: Credit policy of sales and purchase also affect the Working Capital requirements of the business concern. If the company maintains liberal credit policy to collect the payments from its customers, they have to maintain more Working Capital. If the company pays the dues on the last date it will create the cash maintenance in hand and bank.

6. Growth and expansion: During the growth and expansion of the business concern, Working Capital requirements are higher, because it needs some additional Working Capital and incurs some extra expenses at the initial stages.

7. Availability of raw materials: Major part of the Working Capital requirements are largely depend on the availability of raw materials. Raw materials are the basic components of the production process. If the raw material is not readily available, it leads to production stoppage. So, the concern must maintain adequate raw material; for that purpose, they have to spend some amount of Working Capital.

8. Earning capacity: If the business concern consists of high level of earning capacity, they can generate more Working Capital, with the help of cash from operation. Earning capacity is also one of the factors which determines the Working Capital requirements of the business concern.

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