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What Is Morale hazard In Insurance

What Is Morale hazard In Insurance

This usually refers to the attitude of the insured person. Morale hazard is defined as carelessness or indifference to a loss because of the existence of insurance. The very presence of insurance causes some insurers to be careless about protecting their property, and the chance of loss is thereby increased. For example, many motorists know their cars are insured and, consequently, they are not too concerned about the possibility of loss through theft. Their lack of concern will often lead them to leave their cars unlocked.

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The chance of a loss by theft is thereby increased because of the existence of insurance. Morale hazard should not be confused with moral hazard. Morale hazard refers to an Insured who is simply careless about protecting his property because the property is insured against loss. Moral hazard is more serious since it involves unethical or immoral behaviour by insurers who seek their own financial gain at the expense of insurers and other policy owners. Insurers attempt to control both moral and morale hazards by careful underwriting and by various policy provisions, such as compulsory excess, waiting periods, exclusions, and exceptions.

When used in conjunction with peril and hazard we find that risk means the likelihood that the hazard will indeed cause the peril to operate and cause the loss. For example, if the hazard is old electrical wiring prone to shorting and causing sparks, and the peril is fire, then the risk, is the likelihood that the wiring will indeed be a cause of fire.

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