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What Is Loss Control In Risk Management

What Is Loss Control In Risk Management

Loss Control Definition And Meaning

Loss control is another important method for handling risk. Loss control consists of certain activities undertaken to reduce both the frequency and severity of losses. Thus, loss control has two major objectives:

(a) Loss prevention.

(b) Loss reduction.

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Loss prevention

Loss prevention aims at reducing the probability of loss so that the frequency of losses is reduced. Several examples of personal loss prevention can be given. Automobile accidents can be reduced if motorists pass a safe driving course and drive defensively. Dropping out of college can be prevented by intensive study on a regular basis. The number of heart attacks can be reduced if individuals watch their weight, give up smoking, and follow good health habits.

Loss prevention is also important for business firms. For example, a boiler explosion can be prevented by periodic inspections by a safety engineer; occupational accidents can be reduced by the elimination of unsafe working conditions and by strong enforcement of safety rules; and fire can be prevented by forbidding workers to smoke in an area where highly flammable materials are being used. In short, the goal of loss prevention is to prevent the loss from occurring.

Loss reduction

Although stringent loss prevention efforts can reduce the frequency of losses, some losses will inevitably occur. Thus, the second objective of loss control is to reduce the severity of a loss after it occurs. For example, a warehouse can install a sprinkler system so that a fire is promptly extinguished, thereby reducing the loss; highly flammable materials can be stored in a separate area to confine a possible fire to that area; a plant can be constructed with fire resistant materials to minimize a loss; and fire doors and fire walls can be used to prevent a fire from spreading.

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