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The National Stock Exchange Of India (NSEI)

The National Stock Exchange Of India (NSEI)

The NSEI has a fully automated, electronic, screen-based trading system. It is sponsored by the IDBI and co-sponsored by other term-lending institutions, LIC, GIC, other insurance companies, commercial banks, and other financial institutions; viz., SBI Caps, SHCIL, and ILFs. Its objectives are:

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(a) to provide nation-wide equal access and fair, efficient, completely transparent securities trading system to investors by using suitable communication network,

(b) to provide shorter settlement cycles and book entry settlement system

(c) to bring the Indian stock market in line with international markets,

(d) to promote the secondary market in debt instruments such as government and corporate bonds.

It was set up in 1992 and was the first stock exchange in India to introduce screen-based automated ring less trading system. It is promoted by UTI, ICICI, IDBI, IFCI, LIF, GIC, SBI Caps, and CANBANK as a company under Section 25 of the Companies Act 1956, with headquarters at Mumbai. Its objectives are:

(a) to help companies to raise capital from the market at the cheapest costs and on optimal terms;

(b) to help investors to access capital market safely and conveniently

(c) to cater to the needs of the companies which cannot be listed on other official exchanges

(d) to eliminate the problems of illiquid securities, delayed settlements, and unfair prices faced by the investors. There are 20 other national and regional exchanges located in metropolitan centers and other cities in India.

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