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Principle Of Loss Minimization

Principle Of Loss Minimization

Principles Of Insurance

• Under this principle it is the duty of the insured to take all possible steps to minimize the loss to the insured property on the happening of uncertain event.

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According to the Principle of Loss Minimization, insured must always try his level best to minimize the loss of his insured property, in case of uncertain events like a fire outbreak or blast, etc. The insured must take all possible measures and necessary steps to control and reduce the losses in such a scenario. The insured must not neglect and behave irresponsibly during such events just because the property is insured. Hence it is a responsibility of the insured to protect his insured property and avoid further losses.

For example: Assume, Mr. Arvind's house is set on fire due to an electric short-circuit. In this tragic scenario, Mr. Arvind must try his level best to stop fire by all possible means, like first calling nearest fire department office, asking neighbours for emergency fire extinguishers, etc. He must not remain inactive and watch his house burning hoping, "Why should I worry? I've insured my house."

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