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Non-Financial Risk Definition And Meaning

Non-Financial Risk Definition And Meaning

What Is Non-Financial Risk

There are other situations where measurement is not possible. Take the case of the choice of a new car, or the selection of an item from a restaurant menu. These could be construed as risky situations, not because the outcome will cause financial loss, but because the outcome could be uncomfortable or disliked in some other way. We could even go as far as to say that the great social decisions of life are examples of non-financial risks: the selection of a career, the choice of a marriage partner, having children.

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There may or may not be financial implications, but in the main the outcome is not measurable financially but by other, more human, criteria. Insurance is primarily concerned with risks that have a financially measurable outcome. But not all risks are capable of measurement in financial terms. One example of a risk that is difficult to measure financially is the effect of bad publicity on a company - consequently this risk is very difficult to insure.

However, this is a good point to stress how innovative some insurers are in that they are always looking for ways to provide new covers, which the customers want. The difficult part is to be innovative and still make a profit.

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