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Importance Of Risk Management

Importance Of Risk Management

Benefits to managing risk

Risk management provides a clear and structured approach to identifying risks. Having a clear understanding of all risks allows an organization to measure and prioritize them and take the appropriate actions to reduce losses. Risk management has other benefits for an organization, including:

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• Saving resources: Time, assets, income, property and people are all valuable resources that can be saved if fewer claims occur.

• Protecting the reputation and public image of the organization.

• Preventing or reducing legal liability and increasing the stability of operations.

• Protecting people from harm.

• Protecting the environment.

• Enhancing the ability to prepare for various circumstances.

• Reducing liabilities.

• Assisting in clearly defining insurance needs.

An effective risk management practice does not eliminate risks. However, having an effective and operational risk management practice shows an insurer that your organization is committed to loss reduction or prevention. It makes your organization a better risk to insure.

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