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Motivational Quotes By Jesus Christ

The best Motivational Quotes By Jesus Christ are as follows:

(1). "Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine." - By Anthony J. D'Angelo

(2). "You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take." - By Wayne Gretzky

(3). "What if you gave someone a gift, and they neglected to thank you for it - would you be likely to give them another? Life is the same way. In order to attract more of the blessings that life has to offer, you must truly appreciate what you already have." - By Ralph Marston

Motivational Quotes By Jesus Christ
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(4). "One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood." - By Lucius Annaeus Seneca

(5). "Consult your friend on all things, especially on those which respect yourself. His counsel may then be useful where your own self-love might impair your judgment." - By Seneca

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