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Motivational Quotes For Lifting

The best Motivational Quotes For Lifting are as follows:

(1). "...the day will come when man will recognize woman as his peer, not only at the fireside but in the councils of the nation. Then, and not until then, will there be the perfect comradeship, the ideal union, between the sexes that shall result in the highest development of the race." - By Susan Brownell Anthony

(2). "Rough diamonds may sometimes be mistaken for worthless pebbles." - By Sir Thomas Browne

(3). "Obstinacy in a bad cause is but constancy in a good." - By Sir Thomas Browne

(4). "Live so that when your children think of fairness and integrity, they think of you." - By H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Motivational Quotes For Lifting
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(5). "Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. And never hope more than you work." - By Rita Mae Brown

(6). "I still miss those I loved who are no longer with me but I find I am grateful for having loved them. The gratitude has finally conquered the loss." - By Rita Mae Brown

(7). "Choose to chance the rapids and dare to dance the skies." - By Garth Brooks

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