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Inspirational Quotes N Pics

The best Inspirational Quotes N Pics are as follows:

"A short saying oft contains much wisdom." - By Sophocles

"It often happens that the quotations constitute the most valuable part of a book." - By Vicesimus Knox

"A collection of rare thoughts is nothing less than a cabinet of intellectual gems." - By William B. Sprague

Inspirational Quotes N Pics
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"Brevity is the soul of wit." - By William Shakespeare, Hamlet

"Good sayings are like pearls strung together." - By Chinese Proverb

"A proverb is to speech what salt is to food." - By Arabic Proverb

"Better one line that will survive the author than a hundred books outlived." - By Anonymous

"Proverbs are the cream of a nation's thought." - By Unknown

"There is not less wit, not less invention, in applying rightly a thought one finds in a book, than in being the first author of that book." - By Pierre Boyle

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