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Inspirational Quotes By Rappers

Music is the rhythm of the soul. Being it so, we will like you to read some of the best and beautiful inspirational quotes by rappers and other people so as to get the right mindset and perfect vision to dominate in your area of endeavour and become a champion as soon as you can. The inspiring quotes includes the following:

(1). "Beauty is not defined by your physical features. It is defined by the heart inside your chest and the love that flows through it." - By Imania Margria

(2). "Capture my heart and my mind. Become my ultimate challenge, greatest vexation, strongest desire, and most precious blessing." - By Imania Margria

inspirational quotes by rappers
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(3). "I always look towards the light of my desires, so I never forget where I'm going." - By Imania Margria

(4). "No matter where we come from, there is one language we can all speak and understand from birth, the language of the heart, love." - By Imania Margria, Secrets of My Heart

(5). "Dreams are like puzzles. When all the pieces are missing, it is up to us to find them and decide where and how they fit in." - By Imania Margria, Secrets of My Heart

(6). "We shouldn't live in a world where we live in constant terror. We need less dying and more living. We need less destroying and more building. We need less hate and more love." - By Imania Margria

(7). "It is not blindly pushing your own agenda that will really create rich opportunities in your life, career, business – and in the world. It’s is your ability to understand, appreciate, anticipate, address, add value to that of others that will." - By Rasheed Ogunlaru
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