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Best Examination WIshes

This post is a compilation of the best examination wishes, examination success SMS, exam wishes for a girlfriend and exam success SMS for boyfriends. Indeed, they are really inspiration and motivational as well. With these wishes at hand, you can easily wish your friends well in their exams and propel them to great success. Enjoy them below:

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(1). The stairs may be high but yet it takes courage, strength and divine grace to reach the top. As you have prepared well for your exams, all I can do today is to wish you great success as you write. Receive the inspiration to write, pass and come out in flying colours. Best Wishes!

(2). To whom much is given, much is expected. As you have been given this rare opportunity to be educated despite all odds, i wish you the best in all your endeavours to come out successful. It is not easy and so, I encourage you to hit the peak in your exams and become the talk of the city. Cheers dear!

(3). I wish you retentive memory, Solomonic wisdom, divine inspiration and full confidence with which to step into your exam hall today and show the world that your family really have someone to be proud of at the end. May you and yours rejoice for your success is already at hand. Regards!

(4). It is not an easy road so far yet, the hard way seems to be the only promising way. Having decided to take the path of education boldly and seriously, may massive success be your inheritance. Your exams shall all be passed because of your hardwork coupled with divine grace. Cheers!

(5). If there is one thing that I have to do today then, i will give priority to wishing you a resounding success in your exams. The journey so far may have been rough but your success in this exams will justify your efforts and put smiles on your face as well as those of your friends and relations. Best Exam Wishes To You!

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