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Profitable Barbecue Grill Business Plan Sample - Make Money Daily Starting a Suya Business In Nigeria

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Severally, I have wondered and got lost in my thoughts about why meat is the most delicious meal on earth but I still cannot find reasonable answers to it even up till this moment that I am talking to you. Even when I asked my friends about it, they all agreed that meat is their favourite food especially when cooked and arranged in different fashion ans styles but yet, none of them could give me a reason why it is regarded as the best meal. Whatever may be the case, all I know is that what makes a lump of meat so delicious that it is always irresistible by people lies inside the meat.

Today alone, I have munched a whole lot of meat. Without doubts more than 99% of the whole world consume meat in one way or the other every single day. Thus, the consumption of meat is indeed is extremely high. Coming down to Nigeria, there are many animals that serve as good sources of meat for the populace including dogs, chicken, cows, goats, sheep, pigs, turkeys, quails, fishes, donkeys, grass cutters, bush mice, rabbits, alligators, birds, snails, among many more others.

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However, quote me right when I tell you that cow meat known as beef is the most consumed of all these categories of meats. Cows are raised in large numbers mainly by northern nomads as well as other commercial ranches like the Obudu Cattle ranch all over Nigeria. Cow meat is relatively cheaper compared to the meat of other animals. Also, it is highly nutritious and filled with proteins of all sorts. The beef is an all-purpose meat which can be used to serve assorted delicacies. Hardly will you see a Nigerian eat a dish or soup without eating even if it is a little bit of meat. This makes it a saleable and a fast-moving product.Have you tasted the Suya meat before?

Anyway, no need asking that type of question because almost all Nigerians, great and small, young and old have tasted the suya meat before. In fact, many people have formed the habit of closing their work for each day by eating a packet-full of this suya. Indeed it is a delicacy prepared with the beef and pepper spice garnished with other additives like onions and cabbages mainly by the northerners who stage their selling points on strategic roadsides where people pass often and on, busy junctions and populated neighbourhoods.Do not be a surprised man or woman when I tell you that a Suya seller makes as big as N30,000 sales in a single day. I hope u know how much that figure will amount to when we calculate it for 30 straight days in a month. That's a very big net sales with a promising amount of profit.

Worse still people are crazy about this suya because it pops the brain for more once you start eating and enjoying it. I have a close neighbour who cannot in my residence cannot sleep comfortably in the night unless he eats some suya. Irrespective of how dirty and tattered a suya seller looks, people must still crowd his stand struggling and jostling over the delicious meat.You may not be interested in buying the suya if you are passing close to the stand but once the magnetic aroma of the meat catches up with you, you will have no other choice but to go to the suya spot and queue up in the line of buyers for your own turn.

And that is how we enrich the pockets of these suya sellers, making them millionaires and billionaires over night. Look at it from the other side of the coin and try putting yourself in the shoes of these suya sellers. If you do so, you will realize that you yourself can actually be a suya seller and make millions for yourself in just a few months time.Forget about the fact that the business is only for the 'Aboki Man' as we usually call them. You can as well be that 'Aboki suya seller' and make money like they do. It is high time we stopped believing that business is strictly reserved for just a particular tribe to engage in it. It is all a yoke.

Break it off from your mind and start seeing the art of making money from a clearer view and dimension. You can start the business and even make it unique in your own style.Locate a stand in very busy corner by a roadside. This business sells very fast mainly at nights. So by a busy road, I do no mean roads that are busy during the day. I mean the roads where people flow like a river in the evening and night hours. Once you have got a spot, place your fire stand there. Buy beef directly from the slaughter of your local market. It is cheaper compared to buying from butchers who sell meat inside the markets. Wash the meat, sharpen your knives and slice the meats to look flat. Smoke them on fire during the day time till they are done. Prepare your dried pepper spice and make it tasty and delicious to be mixed with the beef. Also buy some onions and cabbages available too.

Now once the evening time starts coming, make your fire with charcoals and display your meat for sale. When your customers starts coming, sell to them, collect their money and keep on selling into the night until your stock gets exhausted. Then, carry your utensils home, put on a smile on your face and count your big money which you have made for the day. Sleep happily and wake up the next day for another money-making ordeal. Continues doing this until the passage of a few months in the business sees you become a multi millionaire. Cheers as you enjoy the money and make merry in celebration of your hardwork!

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