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Fruit Retail Business Plan - How to Start Fruits and Vegetable Retail Business and make money

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For real, you can actually make a lot of money buying and selling different types of fruits anywhere you are in this world. That is why I called it the Fruit Retailing business. You do not need to own a fruit garden, an orchard or a fruit plantation before you can start doing this business and making your maximised profits. Better still, you do not need a very big start up capital to set up this very profitable venture as it is not a capital intensive idea. All you need is a very little funding at hand and you are good to go.

From that little capital of yours, you can grow your business into a very big and large-scale fruit retail venture. You can even go into the whole sale and plantation of fruits yourself once you have made a lot of money from the business. But initially, you can manage a start up capital as little as N10,000 or even N5,000 and give shape to your business idea first. From that low level, you can easily expand and soar into greater heights as cash in on your commodities and make money and huge profits daily.

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To start up this business, you need to state the types of fruits you want to be dealing in. You can chooses to specialize in one type of fruit like bananas or apples but you can as well run a composite fruit retail stand by selling a wide variety of life such that if a customer does not need this particular type of fruit, he will need the other or may just like to try out something new or as recommended to him.

Find a profitable market stand at a busy junction, in a car park, bus stops, inside a food market, beside a clinic or a hospital and also in a busy and populated streets or in a neighbourhood. Source your fruits from cheap sources and suppliers. Water melons are imported from the North. You can also deal on pineapples, apples, cherries, mangoes, oranges, cashew nuts, groundnuts, plantains, paw paw, fried breadfruit seeds, grapes, lemons, limes, cucumber, carrots, garden eggs, pears, avacado pears among other assorted type of fruits. Find a bulk producer and supplier nearest to you depending on the season since all these fruits come only when their seasons are due.

Beware of the perishability and short-term life and duration of fruits. So endeavour to monitor your stock prudently. Do not over-stock your store to avoid damages and wastes. Buy the much you can sell off within an reasonable and average time lead to avoid making losses on spoilt fruits. If you have a bigger stand with a ready electricity power supply, you can buy a refrigerator for storing and cooling your fruits to keep and preserve them in good conditions for a longer time.

Make sure you safeguard your fruit store from pests, rodents and burglars. Buy good quality padlocks and lock your stores tightly in order to ensure an adequate security for you stock. Also apply pesticides around you fruit stor to keep of pests from attacking and destroying your fruits.

Sell at low but competitively profitable prices so that you can make the business more lucrative for yourself. Get more customers and battle off the market forces of your competitors. Fruits are fast-selling products so do not worry about low patronage because the consumption of fruits is very high all over the world because of the immense health benefits they can bring to the body system with their vast vitamin, immune-building, body-cleansing and healthy nutritious contents.

Replenish your stock as soon as they finish and take your business to greater heights as the days pass by. Make money and expand your business. Enjoy your massive profits and be a happy man riding your way through financial breakthroughs and success doing the fruit retailing business to your comfort and convenience!

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