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Pumpkin Business Plan - How to Start a Pumpkin Farming Business (Ugu) Profitably

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Whether people agree with me or not, the wide arrays of income opportunity lying out there in the agricultural industry untapped and unexploited are too numerous to mention. Agriculture can be a major source of livelihood for the unemployed individuals if they go into it with the full determination and zeal to succeed and make money.

For you to ever make money in this life, you must either render a service to people or engage in real-time productive operations and activities. There are no two ways about it. Other cash that occasionally enter your hands for free may be in the forms of free gifts and grants from friends, well-wishers and other people around you. Unless you are into illegal, prohibited and crime-related activities which the government and the entire society seriously frowns at. I want to teach you how to be busy, I want to instill inside you a spirit of vision, productivity and success.

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In this article, I will detail to you all how you can successfully go into the cultivation of the Fluted Pumpkin vegetable popularly known as 'Ugu' among the Igbos in Nigeria and rake up so much money on daily basis straight into your own pockets. It is a very simple and straightforward business idea with minimal logistics requirements and simplified processes.

The Fluted pumpkin is a household vegetable consumed all over Nigeria by different families. Do you know that an estimated reach of 99% of Nigerians consume this vegetable on daily basis? Infact, the local production of the hot-cake vegetable within the country has never been able to meet up with its demand by the citizens in any year. Do your research and confirm the truth in what I am telling you today. The multi-purpose vegetable is used for cooking, it contains vital nutrients, assorted vitamins and boosts the blood level in the body. Thus, this makes it the highest consumed vegetable in the country and in most parts of the world.

It is called fluted pumpkin because there are of course many other varieties and species of the plant. But the fluted pumpkin plant is the most popular and has a higher consumption pattern and demand over all the other species in the pumpkin family. That is why it is the choice of farmers for cultivation.

When you start this business, I don't think you can possibly get poor again. It sells like sachet water and recharge cards at very high profit margins. A bag of pumpkin can be sold for as high as N5,000 in a city market situated in places like Lagos and Abuja. Even if you cannot cultivate the vegetable on your own, you can easily go down to the villages and buy it in a bulk quantity from the rural sellers. Transport it to a city market and sell it off for as high as triple profit margins.

But if you choose to go into the production and cultivate it on your own, below are all it takes to start up the business with immediate effect:

• Get yourself a spacious piece of land that will house your vegetables. If you do not have any free one at your disposal, you can buy or lease one or even be granted a free land by the designated government authorities but such lands are strictly meant for agricultural purposes. Just make proper enquiries on how to go about it.

• Buy the Fluted pumpkin pods from the market. Each pod contains as much as 40 seeds inside it. Plant 3 seeds per stand so as to increase the chances of germination for the plants.

• Put up bamboo sticks so that the fluted pumpkin vegetables can climb and thrive on them as they grow.

• In less than 3 weeks, you can make a first harvest of your vegetables and harvest subsequently in gaps of 2 weeks until the pods are matured. Fluted pumpkin is an annual type of vegetable with a life span less than one year. You need to re-plant the seeds after harvesting each set planted before.

• Sell your vegetables at any nearby market, supply in bulk to restaurants, boarding schools, hotels, vegetable retailers and even export it if you are operating on a larger scale.

• Finally smile as the money from your customers hits your bank account continuously.

Take note that a major challenge in the Fluted Pumpkin business is the short-term durability of the vegetables. Once harvested, you need to sell them off as soon as possible while they remain fresh otherwise, they gradually get dry, loose their market value and even perish if not sold off. Other risks that you may encounter includes attacks from pests, rodents, burglars, poor soil condition, seasonal rainfall and fluctuations, among other challenges.

With pesticides, organic manure, water supply, proper security and sufficient funds, these headaches can be battled off in a jiffy.

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