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Best Blog Comment Policy to Consider Before Publishing Reader Comments on Your Blogs and Websites

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In the past and even up till this very moment, I have come across lots and loads of blogs which do not accept reader comments for reasons best known to them. But for optimal results as long as boosting the interactivity level as well as the social participation rate within a given blog is concerned, webmasters and bloggers should always try and give room for their readers to make comments on their posts and articles. This makes the blogs or website in question lively and gives the readers a sense of involvement in the day-to-day routine activities in a blog. This will finally culminate into the long-term attainment of great success and excellence on the blog as a result of the collective and collaborative efforts evidenced.

However, I cannot deny the fact that I am not aware of certain reasons why some bloggers do not entertain reader comment on their platforms. Of course, I know that they are just trying to take their safety precautions in order to ensure their blog's security from external threats and influences too. Now, some of the known major reasons why most webmasters do not buy the idea of publishing their user comments on their platforms includes fear of getting comments containing harmful and unsupported links, strange languages, impolite words, unrelated comments full of backlinks, automated comments from softwares and online scripts, meaningless or misspelt comment among others. All these are factors that scares the blogger away from allowing comments on his or her blog.

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Even at that there are solutions and certain tips for such scared bloggers which will help them to bypass and allay such fears so that they can start publishing their user comments, views and opinions in no distant time. They include the following:

(1). Comment moderation is very important. When this feature is enable on your blogging platform through your dashboard, you can now have your user comments in a designated email address first where you will examine it to know whether it is worthy to be published or not. This thus solves the problem of automatic comments as well as meaningless, unrelated and link-filled comments.

(2). Add a comment form notice warning readers users to comment reasonably on your blog. This also enhances their reasoning and makes them to give you good comments.

(3). You can make it a prerequisite that users must sign up as members on your website or blog before they can be qualified to make comments on your posts and articles. Surely, only the serious ones will register and give you serious and high quality comments.

(4). Again, you may also choose not to give commenting rights to readers who have not yet uploaded their pictures to their profiles. I bet you that it is only the serious ones who will upload their profile pictures as fast as possible and deliver credible comments on your posts as soon as they are back.

(5). You can make a search for other comment enhancement plugin on, or any other blogging platform that you are using. They can also come in handy!

(6). Explore and research into the many other ways of moderating your comments and apply them if they are of a significant utility to you. That is also why you are a blogger!

Furthermore, I have to go on an enumerate here and now some of the benefits you will derive as a blogger or webmaster if you start allowing and publishing reader comment on your blogs and online content management platforms. Some of the major advantages are:

(1). The primary purpose of allowing comments on your blog is to hear what your readers feel about a particular post or article. Through comments, you assess your reader satisfaction and even get powerful contributions and help in one way or the other from them.

(2). Comments from users adds to your site contents. By allowing user comments, you have created an avenue for getting regular updates from time to time on your blog. This adds to your content portfolios and makes you treat fresh issues concerning a post that you may have published a long time ago.

(3). User comments is an essential factor when it comes to search engine optimization. Comments with useful and relevant links increases the amount of inbound links on your blog and search engines like crawling and indexing friendly links a lots. Not only that, search engines sees your comments as your contents and crawls them too. This thus, increases your visibility potentials in search engine results. But please take a good note that comments made through the Facebook comment plugin, twitter plugins or other comment plugins from social networks are never crawled by search engines. They are of no SEO value to your blogs and websites!

(4). When your readers see a lot of comments on your posts and articles, the impression that they gain instantly about your blog is that it is very important and special to the audience and contains vital news and information as well. Thus, this builds you credibility, reader loyalty, confidence, trust and brand popularity as well. All these will attract you patronage to whatever products or services you offer and surely, you will make lots of money online.

(5). Through user comments, you will be better advised by readers on certain loopholes in the way you manage your blog's contents and operations. Hence, you will be in a pole position to implement such suggestions and exercise an upper-hand over all obstacles and oppositions hindering and posing themselves as stumbling blocks over your success in your blogging adventure.

Finally, this is where I'll stop for now. My hands are really seized up. I'll take a little nap right now and bounce back later with an update that I guess you have been dreaming and longing to see on this platform. I'm very grateful for your readership. Just keep on keeping on!

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