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Nairaland Forum - An eagle's eye review of the Giant African Internet forum and the largest Nigerian online community!

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Nairaland is the largest and biggest online social and entertainment forum in Nigeria today added to the likes of other great Nigerian forums including the likes of,,,, and a host of other online platforms in the country. It was in the year 2005 that the young vibrant and innovative entrepreneur and internet expert by name Mr. Oluwaseun Osewa took up the bold step of setting up the forum in a bid to build an interactive online community where Nigerians (both the ones presently in the country as well as all others living elsewhere in any part of the world) can freely interact and communicate with each other and also get the trending news about the country as well as that gathered from the happenings in other countries as well.

Just as it is popularly and widely said that a Journey of a thousand steps begins with one, nairaland today can proudly boast of a magnanimous membership base which consists of over 1,103,773 devoted Nigerian members both far and beyond. Even in the international scene, the Nairaland Forum is pulling more weight as can be evidenced in its global rank of 1,096 and a domestic rank of 8 in the whole Nigeria. This thus explains the reasons why even foreigners are rapidly becoming members of the forum as they are getting acquainted, involved, attached and pleased with the organized manner in which the forum is being administered, operated and managed.

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Notably just as a typically unique forum with a huge difference, the Nairaland platform has being subdivided into various sections and parts which treats and talks about a lot of issues covering and affecting the whole country, the entire website as well as the basic facets of the normal human life respectively. The various navigable sections which can be clearly observed and seen on the site's homepage are the Science and Technology section (which consists of other subsections too including the areas of Phones, Computers, Webmasters, Programming, Technology market, Video, Graphics and Art), the Entertainment section (which consists of various other subsections consisting of the areas for Jokes, Music and radio issues, Television and Movies, Events, Fashion, Celebrities, Literature and Writing, Forum games, Gaming and Sports) and the Nairaland and General issues section (which comprises of other component sections including the respective parts for Politics, Business, Romance, Investments, Career talks, Jobs and Vacancies, Autos, Education, NYSC, Travel, Car Talk, Health, Properties, Diaries, Food, Culture, Family, Religion and Nairaland Ads). Added to this, the Nairaland homepage also features a high quality and powerful list of confirmed, authentic, credible and well-gathered latest news making rouse in the country and beyond as well. All these news and information are well-documented within the forum for the purpose of easy manual or search engine retrieval.

A lot are still left to be said about the almighty Nairaland forum as well with much regards to the level of discipline maintained on the site. Enough credits goes to Mr. Seun the ebullient forum administrator together with his team of well-cultured and web-structured experts and the forum section moderators as well, who see to the day-to-day routine management of the forum into the unforeseeable future. Their works and efforts are widely evidenced and appreciated in the fact that they bring in regular updates into the forum and monitor the various activities of the guests and users on the site.

The Nairaland forum also has social features embedded into the system too. The registered members of the forum have their respective user profiles in order to boost social engagement and involvement activities on the site too. Thus, this facilitates easy interaction between and among the members who can freely upload share their pictures with each other, send messages to targeted people which is even more like a chat if explored well and even become favorite friends too. A lot of people have testified it publicly on the forum to have got their life partners through the Nairaland forum. This is a major evidence to buttress the point that the Nairaland forum is not too far from the arena of social engagements and interactivity too. You should however note that the guests on the website have lesser privileges and rights when compared to that given to the registered users on the websites. Hence, the guest users may not be able to access and experience some of the features already listed and said above about the forum. Also, the birthdays of members are also celebrated and noted on the site's homepage.

When it comes to the total amount of income that accrues to the owner of Nairaland from the exquisite and largess advertisement campaigns on the forum, it is quite unimaginable. A definite figure cannot be stated yet but going by the analysis of the domain using the website valuation and domain analysis tool found on the Mustat website, the Nairaland forum as of this present day of publishing this post has an estimated monetary worth of 7,915,320 US Dollars as well as a daily income of 7,329 dollars too. Although the above figures may not be exact and too accurate but for the purpose of this review, we are going to take them into as the length-arm values of the worth as well as the revenue generated on the site through its effective banner advertisements. Back then, the Nairaland forum participated in the Google adsense program, displayed google ads all over the forum and made lots of money for the owner. But currently, the forum generates its own revenue through the direct advert placements from individuals allowed on the website. The forum as of this day attracts almost a million visitors daily and an estimated online page view of 8 million views per day. That's wonderful indeed! Check it out and see!!

Worth mentioning also is the resounding fact the same Yoruba-native Nigerian, Mr. Oluwaseun Osewa, is also the proud owner and administrator of one of Nigeria's premier classified ads website added to his other portfolio of online and real-time physical assets. More grease to your elbow dude! You will always achieve more with your domineering spirit if you keep on keeping on!

Finally in a nutshell, the Nairaland forum is factually one of the giant online platforms in the world, in Africa in continental terms and the Largest domestic forum in Nigeria. Feel free to visit the website at, register an account with the forum and start participating the awesome activities and features once your application is approved. Thanks a lot for reading this comprehensive review!

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Nairaland Forum - An eagle's eye review of the Giant African Internet forum and the largest Nigerian online community! Nairaland Forum - An eagle's eye review of the Giant African Internet forum and the largest Nigerian online community! Reviewed by Ikpokolo Chukwuemeka on Sunday, February 01, 2015 Rating: 5

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