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Starting an Organic Fertilizer Business Plan PDF - Make Money through Organic Fertilizer and manure production

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By just reading the title of this post, I am sure all of you here know the business idea that I am about to unravel here today for everyone to read, get informed, practicalize and generate great income and wealth to any extent he or she wants it. It is high time I went back to the Agricultural sector so as to dig out certain lucrative opportunities of making money that if clearly offers to all potential investors. Whenever any of your friends tells you that agriculture holds the key to your life, arguing with him or her instead of nodding your head in instant belief if needless and uncalled for because it is a pure fact which is as true as God.

One of such wonderful ways of making money through Agriculture is by engaging yourself in the manufacturing of the organic fertilizers and local manure for consumption by farms, plantations, gardens, orchards and other relevant agricultural establishments that will have need for them from time to time. This business is so simple to start and so profitable to run, administer and manage without too much stress and troubles. If you have always seen yourself in dreams riding the latest cars in town, building magnificent estates and putting on high valued clothes sown together with paper currencies and adorned with precious coins and diamonds then, this business may be your only destined avenue of giving life to them and making them come to being realities and luxuries that will better shape, strange and co-ordinate in your life.

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Stop regarding it as a dirty business venture even though it will surely make you smell and stink in the course of your business operations. But remember, the question that you will ask and answer for yourself at the end of everything is 'Did you finally make money and get optimal returns for your inputs?' and that is it. Other businesses may have slim chances of making you rich but by doing this business, you are guaranteed of your steady profits. It is very easy and less costly to start and on an interesting note, your products as well as raw material inputs can never ever expired because no specified life duration is attached to manures and organic fertilizers as long as they are stored properly. Even without being processed, they are final products ready for marketing in their natural forms.

Even if you do not like people to associate your name with such a 'dirty' business as you may feel, imagine and think, many youths and unemployed individuals wandering aimlessly and hopelessly out there in the labour market will be so glad and overjoyed if you offer each of them an opportunity to get employed and work for your establishment. The demand for manures is ever on the increase because of its affordability and safety features unlike the inorganic fertilizers. Remember, the major distinction and difference that distinguishes the organic fertilizers and manures from the inorganic fertilzers is that while the former is made from local compounds like sewage and livestock droppings, the latter is usually manufactured industrially from a mixture of chemical substances like nitrogen and other components.

People prefer using the manures and locally composed fertilizers over the organic ones because they boost plant growth more effectively and are easy to afford unlike the organic ones even though the government of most locations subsidize them from time to time. Most farms make demands for these manures often and on but most especially, during the rainy and planting seasons. It is only farmers who practice continuous cropping that make demands for the organic fertizers so as to boost their soil quality and ensure the their plants are provides with nutrients and required nutrients all year round for optimum yield and outputs.

Starting a manure processing plant is very easy and simple. First of all, you need to get a land located in a place that is far away from human residence because of the bad odour that may ooze out of your venture to keep people uncomfortable and even make them sick. This may even require you to obtain a license and due permissions before setting up your business. But it all depends on the location and country in which you plan to operate. Once your land is ready, construct big compost pits for the storage of wastes and manure processing. Make them in such as way that they will get access to proper ventilation and safer still, you can channel their airways and pipes according to the wind direction in your area so that the bad odour can be minimized and carried away into places where people do not inhabit or visit regularly.

Source your input items from poultry farms, crop plantations and other livestock establishments. Employ staffs to mix and turn the items inside compost pits into organic manure and fertilizer. Again, get a manure carriage truck (preferably the ones that have temporal storage tanks) for your business. But you can also get any other haulage truck, package your manure in drums, load them onto the trucks and transport them to customers in various destinations. Your potential customers are commercial agricultural plantations, horticulturists and other households and individuals who maintain their farms, gardens, orchards and other crops using manures.

Considering your operating costs and other inputs in different forms, charge your clients profitably as you deliver your products and render your services to them. Interestingly, you can do this business either on a part time or full time basis and still create out time for many other activities that will give you more money and enhance your standard of living. Do well to gather as many other information as you can from professionals and experts in the field so as to better equip yourself with the right informational and tips as you start this business for profit maximization purposes.

I will also like to hear from you. Send in your views, opinions and questions using the comment box below so that I can attend to them as soon as possible. Browse through this blog always and read more interesting articles and business tips that will help you to make money continuously. I will be happy to see you dancing in happiness to your financial freedom sooner!

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