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Mobile Phone Battery Business - Make Money Doing Profitable Cell Phone Battery Business, Chargers and Accesories

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The telecommunication industry obviously offers a wide range of job opportunities for individuals to tap into and make money for themselves. If you take a close look at the sector, you will understand what I am saying without too much talks and preaching. I guess this is another lifetime business opportunity you should consider giving a trial and generate unlimited income for yourself. In Nigeria, the boom in telecommunication activities in the country happened during the early 2000s when the President of that time, Olusegun Obasanjo, brought in the foreign investors.

Since then till this moment, numerous mobile network service providers like the MTN, ETISALAT, GLO and AIRTEL have broken into the arena to capture their market shares. However, one amazing thing and effect about the rise and growth of telecommunication activities all over the world is that hardly will you see any individual who has no mobile phones. Some even have up to 10 for their personal use. The trend has continued to the extents that mobile phones now appears to be a fashion gear without which any individual cannot move around. As we go from one place to another, we always ensure that we are with our phones so as to be always connected to people whenever our attention is needed.

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Meanwhile, mobile phones just like cars need a lot of accessories in order to be made functional all the time. Such includes ear pieces, USB cables, phone casing, screen protectors and many others. Specifically for this post, I want to dwell and focus the discussion on the mobile phone batteries, chargers and other accessories. I am highly convinced that dealing in these products alone will make you millions of money within a very short period of time because every now and the, people buy them because they always get worn out or damaged. I will call them the delicate and fragile components that make a mobile phone active. Without the battery, you cannot power on your mobile phones and without keeping the batteries charged, having a mobile phone with you is as good as keeping a kid's toy.

Considering the population of the global users of mobile phones, you will expressly agree with me when I tell you that the demand for mobile phones as well as its accessories is very high. In countries with large populations and a high awareness and usage of mobile phones like India, China, Japan and the USA, doing a business on mobile phones and mobile phone accessories can turn you into a millionaire within the twinkle of an eye. Even here in Nigeria where the craze for mobile phones is the order of the day, mobile accessories are fast selling products with very attractive profits margins.

Nowadays, so many importers and international business moguls deal exclusively on only mobile phone batteries and mobile phone chargers because they are easily marketable. As batteries get weak day by day, people change them frequently so as to ensure an optimum usage of their mobile phones. The same case also applies to the mobile phone charges. High electricity currents, rough usage and frequent falls always get the faulty so easily. Hence, the demand for the accessory by the mobile phone users keeps on increasing with the passage of every minute.

My wish is that you join the happy team of people who sell mobile phone batteries and chargers and start making money too. You can be a friend of money and money can also easily be your good friend if you embrace this business as soon as you can. Also, you do not need too much start up capital before you can set up this business profitably and start reaping your returns. An initial capital as little as N20,000 or N30,000 is more than enough for you to start up on a small scale basis immediately. The mobile phone accessories are affordable to acquire and can be resold for triple of quadruple profits.

To start this business, you definitely need to locate a spot in a busy area or in a plaza where mobile phones are being sold or repaired. You do not need to spend too much money renting and furnishing a shop for this business if your capital base is small. Simply find a small corner, build a mini glass and aluminium-partitioned showcase and place it there for business. Once you have put your stand in place, source for mobile phone accessories like batteries, chargers, ear pieces, screen guards, phone packs, memory cards and others from a large scale dealer or importer at very cheap prices. You can find so many of these importers at the main market Onitsha in Anambra state.

Take your stock of mobile accessories to your stand and sell them to your customers as they come and make your money and mega profits doing the business. Always protect your stocks from damaging before you sell them off. Make sure that they do not fall frequently on the ground because they are very delicate in nature. Also, make sure you test these accessories for your customers before they pay for them in order to avoid getting complaints from them. Some can even make trouble with you and accuse you of selling damaged products to them. So you need to avoid these embarrassments by testing the accessories before them to ensure that they are in good condition on the point of sale. If there is no electricity power supply, test it in other shops that make use of generators or you can even buy a mini one for your convenience.

This business promises to help you make money and maximise your profits. If you are interested in it, I will urge and encourage you to go into it and start making your money. Time waits for no man. For more information, drop your comments below and I will help you out as soon as possible.

It's my pleasure reaching you again today. Stay tuned!

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