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Mobile Fashion Boutique Business Plan - How to Start Mobile Clothing Boutique Business Plan and Make Money Daily

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Even if you do not own a stand-by fashion boutique, you can still make a lot of money buy clothes in bulk and re-selling out to customers at very high profits and gains. In fact, I will teach you a very smart way of doing this business and make more money and profits than who rent a shop and design boutiques for it. All you need to do possess is the proper marketing skills and your name will be totally changed to success by this business.

It is not that owning a boutique where you sell clothes is a crime rather, this is a very smart way of doing the business if you want to sell off your stocks as fast as you can or if you have a very little capital with which to start the business. Interestingly, you can easily start this clothe supply business with as little as N5,000 only. If you have more than that, it will be better. The larger the capital base, the more quantities you buy and the lesser the purchase costs too.

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You can decide to deal in either men's wears, children's wears, female wears or even all of them. It all depends on you as well as the category that sells more fast in your location at high profit rates. Once you have decided and made up your mind on the particular type of clothe that you want to deal in, you can either travel out to places where they are sold at cheap prices like Cotonou and import them by yourself.

If you find it very difficult doing do so, simply enter a city market and meet with a large scale importer of the clothes. You can find most of them in commercial cities like Lagos, Aba and Onitsha. Bargain with him or her for the costs at which you will purchase each unit of material. Make sure you target the lowest possible costs and when you strike a deal, pay for your commodities, transport them to your home and stock them there. The next thing remaining for you to start making the money is the marketing of your stocks.

You will find it easier if you have your own transport medium like a tricycle (popularly known as Keke NAPEP in Nigeria), a car, a bicycle or a motorcycle. It will keep you and your products mobile at minimised costs, flexibility and comfort as well. But if you do not have any of them, you have no other choice but to either hire a transport vehicle each day or shuttle all around the streets in commercial taxis or trek around. No matter which one you do, the fact is that you have to move around with your clothing stock from one office, shop, plaza, school, hotels, restaurants, banks, car parks, among other busy places where you will find paying customers to another. That is why it is called a mobile boutique because of the fact that unlike the stand-by and roadside fashion houses, you must move around and achieve a level of mobility, meet people, convince customers before you can sell off your stuffs. Sell at high profit margins. Buyers always appreciate it when you bring the clothes to them and they always pay higher prices to leave you with big time profits.

However, avoid incesant credit sales to new customers so as not to tie down your trading capital with people who may eventually not pay you, making you to bear the burden of such bad and doubtful debts alone. So be careful. Grant your credit facilities only to some of your established customers.

Once your stock finishes, buy more in bulk from your customer and continue riding on your business to make more money as the days passes on. With time, you will pick a pen, sit down and re-write the story of your poverty-stricken life to a tale of financial breakthroughs and luxury. Have a good time doing this business!

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Mobile Fashion Boutique Business Plan - How to Start Mobile Clothing Boutique Business Plan and Make Money Daily Mobile Fashion Boutique Business Plan - How to Start Mobile Clothing Boutique Business Plan and Make Money Daily Reviewed by Ikpokolo Chukwuemeka on Wednesday, February 11, 2015 Rating: 5

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