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Profitable Provision Store Business Plan Sample PDF - How to Start Provision Store Business and Beverage Shop to Make Money Daily

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I used to work as an accountant in a holding company somewhere in the south easter part of Nigeria. But I later parted ways with them after tendering my due resignation notice and temporarily disengaged myself from the corporate world for the mean time at a moment when I seriously needed to do so.

However, my greatest and vast experience that I gained during the duration of the job was not just as it related to the treatment of complex accounting issues and exposure to the use of a number accounting softwares, it included my close observation of a mini provision store which was situated right in front of the company's staff quarters where I had a self-contained apartment. The man who managed the business with his wife and grown-up son had a house of his own right behind the provision store and not only that, he owned the latest brand of the Toyota Camry ride as of that time.

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This puzzled me so much as I kept on thinking whether this man had some other work or job doing. At a point, I went out to chat with people and in the course of a discussion with one of his neighbours in the street, I stylishly chipped in the question to him and to my greatest dismay, I was told that this man all through his life fro his youthful days have been running that provision. I got marvelled and treasured it within me.

One thing about this provision store was that it was strategically located in such a way that it was the only provision store in the neighbourhood. There were no nearby existing competitors and everybody living in the area always bought things from this man's half-container provision store. Another thing I observed about this man and his wife then was that they were always cheerful with their customers. I once bought a leaking bag of water from them. I returned it to them after some minutes expecting them to pick up a quarrel with me that very night but to my greatest surprise, this man and his wife pitied me so much and told their son to change the water bag for me. They had, developed and maintained a good and favourable relationship with their customers such that they kept on coming back over and over again.

As I can still remember from my unfailing memory, some of the general provision items that were sold at the provision store of this man included biscuits, bread, butter, groundnut, cheese balls, sweets, recharge cards, sachet water, chilled soft drinks, soaps, detergents, hand towels, wines, milk tins and sachets, chocolate tins and sachets, canned fruit juice drinks, finger batteries and many other items too numerous for me to mention here, although these products sell at low profit margins, I was well convinced to believe then that this man and his family were making more than N10,000 profits everyday from the store because of the massive level of patronage he gets from his customers on daily basis.

Maintaining a friendly and good business relationship is very essential to the success and growth of businesses. Also, selling what people need often and on and at affordable prices and at the right qualities also contributes to the success of a business venture to a great extent.

If you want to start this business like this man I knew a long time ago and afte reading this post to this level you still do not know how and where to start the business, it simply means that you can never do the business and you do not have the required level of interest in it. People who succeed in business are fast thinkers and such persons understand and learn a millions lessons in just a single word. I just hope I have said something meaningful, reasonable and helpful in this post. If you have any objections readers, please feel free to quote me wrong.

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