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Tricycle Business Income - Make money running a Keke NAPEP business in Nigeria

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It is true! Making money have just got easier with this business model. Do not keep your money savings idle over there in your bank account because as you do so, the Banking institutions are using it to make millions and billions of money each day. So be wise and turn your money into something profitable and lucrative. Being rich is not only by how much money balance you have in your account rather, it is measured by the overall value of your assets which have economic benefits which you have.

The power of investments cannot be over-emphasized. If you are willing to do something meaningful with that lump of money lying in waste inside your account, I will help you to do that. I want to open your eyes to the great financial benefits that comes with an investment into the transportation industry. On yearly basis, the transportation sector largely contributes in millions and in billions to the overall revenue generated by the Federal Government. I want you to break into the transportation arena and cut your share of the money.

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When you take a close look at the populace, you will agree with me that over 90% of the citizens enter commercial transport facilities everyday for mobility purposes. Even those who own their own private cars sometimes prefer to make use of the public transport system for one reason or the other. From the young school children and youths to the grown-ups, adults and the aged, nobody will ever say that he or she has never entered a public transport facility in his or her life except a very few. As long as this modern age is concerned, technological advancements has made it easy in such as way that transportation by buses and vehicles has become a necessity in life.

No need stressing the fact that the demand for transport services all over tge world today is extremely high as a result of the wide usage of transport facilities. This thus buttresses the fact that an investment into the transport sector is worth trying because of the massive money making opportunity that it offers you. However, there are many ways of investing your money into a transport business as there are many mediums of transportation. It can be a bus, taxi, coaster, aeroplane, ship, motorcycle, shuttle, bicycle and many others. But with special regards for this article, I want to base more on making an investment into the Tricycle transportation business and making money on daily basis as if you own a bank.

Here in Nigeria, the tricycle is popularly known as Keke NAPEP which was the name of the scheme that made it functional in the country. I am telling you, this business has turned a lot of young boys into rich men. It is not only for the uneducated as most of us may think. I have seen unemployed graduates who ventured into this business and made a lot of money within a very short period of time. Nowadays, people even prefer entering tricycles that buses, motorcycles and taxis because of it convenience, safety and relatively low costs too.

Buying a brand new Tricycle in Nigeria as at the time of writing this post will cost you an estimated sum ranging between N250,000 to N350,000 depending on the seller, how you bargain with him and also, the location of the transaction. The cost may be too much but you can consider saving somme money by buying the fairly used tricycles though I do not advise you to do so. Alternatively, you can go into a hire purchase agreement with a tricycle seller and pay installmentally together with interests after which the property permanently becomes yours. But this arrangement can cost you double of the real cost of a brand new Keke NAPEP. Anyway, it all depends on how urgent you need it.

Once you buy it, register it and get your licenses. Paint it according to the stipulated colour code for the particular area, city or state in which you are operating. Then, start your business and make money madly. Pick up passengers on the road and take them to their destination along your route. However, you can also make money money when people hire you for a drop to a specific location which demands that you do not carry any other passengers. Charge more for rendering such services and make more money from your business.

Take safety precautions as you drive to avoid road mishaps and accidents. Go for tricycle maintenance and repairs periodically to keep it in a good condition too. Join an existing association of other tricycle owners operating along a particular route or city and co-operate with their rules and regulations as it may relate to transport charges and other issues.

For more information on this business, make a comment below and I will reply you with the relevant answers that you need. May your good dreams of making money through legitimate ways in life come true!

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