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Infolinks Ads - How To Make Money From Infolinks on Your Bulk SMS Portal!

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As a Bulk SMS Portal administartor, you can make money online from your platform through a variety of many other third-party channels besides the revenue you generate from your Bulk messaging business activities and operations. Apart from the money you make from your website rendering Bulk messaging services and solutions to your customers and clients, you can also make money on your website through other credible avenues. One of such ways is through the display of third-party advertisements on your website. A very good and recommendable advertising website that will pay you to display ads on your Bulk SMS portal is Infolinks.

Just like the Google Adsense advertising program which remains the best and favourite ad publishing program for webmasters, the Infolinks Publisher program will enable you to earn big money too from third-party advertisement links which will be automatically embedded into your website upon the confirmation of your registration and the subsequent implementation of the ad code into the core code of your website. Numerous advertisers place their advert orders through the infolinks official website. In order to fulfil the advertising needs of their clients, Infolinks will engage webmasters to publish those advertisements on their websites and generate valid clicks as well as impressions on those advertisement links.

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Hence, they will share the advertising revenue with their publishers depending on the number of targeted customers that they attract to the adverts displayed on their websites. One notable thing that most people like about Infolinks ads is that they come in the form of simple links instead of mighty banners that can overload the speed of the website. However, their advert links have options for further customizations such as allowing pop-ups, the colour of the links including other criteria. You will surely make lots of money online displaying Infolinks ads on your website as long as you get the targeted visitors to see or click on them.

Now, if you are really convinced and determined to start displaying Infolinks targeted ads on your Bulk SMS portal, follow these simple steps stated below:

** Visit the Infolinks official website through their publisher registration link at and register as a new publisher on the website. Please make sure that you provide all the details required from you correctly to avoid having subsequent problems when you start operating the account.

** After you must have submitted your registration form, wait until you get an approval message in your email address with which you applied. The mail will be sent to you by the Infolinks team notifying you that your account have been finally set up. Be patient enough because this account approval message can take like an hour or even more after your registration before it will arrive.

** Now that your account have been approved by Infolinks, the next step that you should take is to implement the infoliknks ad code on your website so that the sponsored advertisement links can start showing up immediately. To do so, log into your account with the correct details, copy the code for all webmaster platforms, edit the source code of your website's template, paste the code into the head section of the template and save it.

** After about 5 minutes, check the front page of your website and you will see the advertisement links of Infolinks spread all over your website according to your specification in your Infolinks Dashboard.

** Remember that you can further customise the looks, appearance, colour, number, position and effects of the Infolinks advertisement links through your publisher dashboard.

Always monitor your earnings inorder to see how much money you are making from the publishing program. The more targeted your site visitors are, the more your prospects of making more money through the program. Once you reach their payment threshold, feel free to request for instant withdrawal through any of your favourite payment processing channel available on the website.

Enjoy yourself!

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Infolinks Ads - How To Make Money From Infolinks on Your Bulk SMS Portal! Infolinks Ads - How To Make Money From Infolinks on Your Bulk SMS Portal! Reviewed by Ikpokolo Chukwuemeka on Sunday, February 15, 2015 Rating: 5

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