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Farming Business Plan PDF - Make money cultivating Farmlands for people during rainy seasons

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This is an ideal money making opportunity for young and energetic people especially during the rainy seasons when farming activities are on the increase. So if you think you have all it takes to clear and cultivate farmlands for people then, I guess this venture is for you to take advantage of it and make your money. Do not say that you do not have a land to cultivate. You will cultivate lands for other people and make money from the work of your hands. The world of agriculture is too much to be fully explored and that is why it offers endless opportunities for people to make money.

It is only the lazy man who says that there is no work in the country. As long as I am concerned, you do not need the government to create jobs for you before you can start working and earning your income. You can do that for yourself in different genuine ways but the problem is that we do not always know how and where to start even when the clue is right there in front of us. We always want it to come so easy but nothing good ever comes easily. 'Easy comes, easy goes' the famous slogan says. There is joy in labour. The starting stages of businesses are always very difficult and faced by a lot of challenges that appears to be insurmountable. But with courage and perseverance, you can get over them to stabilize your business operations and see the money flowing.

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Now let us get back to the business of the day which is the cultivation of farmlands during the rainy season for people to make big money. This opportunity is a very sweet and cost-saving one because you do not need any start up capital or large funding to set up the business. There are no machinery to buy or houses to build or registration fees to pay in order to start doing this business. All you need to have if your hoe and your cutlass and you are good to start working.

During rainy season, a lot of people who have large expanse of lands in the villages always like to cultivate food stuffs like corn, yams, cassava, pumpkin leaves, okro, garden egg, pepper, vegetables and other plants on them. But labour is always their major constraint. A man may be willing to work but he cannot imagine cultivating acres and hectares of land alone. Other land owners may either be lazy, weak, sick or too busy to have time to work on their farms during the planting seasons. Thus, they usually recruit labourers to help them out.

If you get such a work, charge your fees based on the extent of work to be done or the estimated number of days it will take you to complete the work. If it involves clearing of land, burning of bushes, toiling of the land, placement of sticks for climbing crops, propagation of stems, weeding, harvesting, watering, application of manures and fertilizers, gathering of fire woods, sowing of seeds and other farming activities as the case may be, charge your prices according to the volume of the job to be done and make a lot of money. Learn how to make good mounds and ridges for planting purposes so as to aid the germination and growth of plants.

Discharge your services to as many farms as you can afford the strength and make good money doing so. Remember to eat well so as to stay fit so as to have the energy to take on the tasks required of you. Rest is also indispensable so as to relax your body and replenish lost energy too. Otherwise, stress may set in eventually and you will end up in a hospital bed paying bills that may be far much bigger than what you have earned so far from your farming activities.

That is exactly how the business works. I have seen students who feed themselves and carter for their school needs farming and cultivating lands for people. Do not be left out. Join your fellow mates and youths to work hard and make your money. I have never seen a short cut to hardwork in my life before. If it exists, I would have told you...

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