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How to Start Soya Milk Business in India Nigeria Worldwide and make money - Soy Milk Processing Business Plan

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Soya Beans is a popular grain and legume crop that is cultivated and produced in various countries of the world from the ancient days till today. The export figures of notable countries like China, the United States of America (USA), Japan and even Nigeria and many other countries are boosted by the export revenue which they generate from selling their Soya bean produce to other countries who have insufficient and low supply of the legume within their territories. It is really a very big and reliable source of revenue both of the government and her citizens who engage themselves in the domestic farming and production of the food item.

Soya Beans milk is derived from the processing of the Soya Beans seeds. It is one of other valuable extracts of the legume crop including the Soya Bean powder, flour, cake and oil. All these derivatives of soya bean have high economic and financial values and worth attached to them after production. That is one of the reasons why I will advise you as your good business counsellor and friend to consider starting up a business based on the production and sales of the soya beans milk for maximum profits and returns.

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The soya bean milk is a very good source of calcium, vitamins, proteins, minerals and many other essential and vital nutrients needed to strengthen, build, nourish and defend the body system to ensure good health. The edible helps in the burning of bad body fats like cholesterol as well as in the formation and building of strong and healthy body cells and tissues. Medical doctors in many cases recommend the drink for sick patients who need large volumes of amino acids and other nutrients in their body as it helps in replenishing them back to the body system in abundant quantities.

So the demand for the product is extremely high and yet, the local production for many years now have never been able to meet up with the demand of the commodity. Now, it is a nice idea worth practicalizing if you really need to make lots of money from this business opportunity which still yet to be tapped by many as a result of the economic blindness which has clouded the eyes of so many self-acclaimed business tycoons from seeing the massive earning potentials ladened in the farm products.

To start this business as soon as you can and start making endless money into your bank account, below are all that you should do:

• First, source for soya bean seeds at cheap prices from the farm near your location of from other nearby wholesalers.

• You can either process this manually or mechanically. Buy the processing machine if you have enough money left with you. But if you choose not to do so, use the manual technique and produce the soya milk. You can meet an experienced producer in the field to teach you how to do this.

• After production, package the Soya bean milk in plastic containers originally used to bottle water. Source it from event centres, restaurants and offices. Wash them neatly and package your product within them.

• You will need to keep the soya milk cold and chill so that your customers can enjoy it and derive maximum satisfaction drinking it. You can buy a refrigerator for that or buy ice blocks in bits from ice block makers.

• Take your product to the market and sell them off for big products depending on the size of the bottles as well as the quality of your product. Your target customers and bases includes the general markets, food stuff markets, car parks, bus stops, playing fields, schools, neighbourhoods and all other busy places where people cluster in their numbers. If you take this product out to the market around the noon time when the sun is still shining very well, you can sell up everything in one spot within a few minutes if you have them cold and in the desired quality, quantities and at affordable prices too.

Make more money, enjoy your profits and smile to the bank. Always study the market trend for your product so that you will not end up producing what you cannot finish selling in a day thereby, accounting for wastages and losses if you do not store the remnants well and they eventually go stale and decay. So take a very good note of these tips as you have a nice time making money from the soya milk business venture.

You are always welcome here for more business gist, ideas and tips!

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