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Bulk SMS Business Proposal Letters to Your Potential Clients - How to write it powerful & comprehensive!

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There is no need trying to over-emphasize the fact that the bulk sms business is unarguably one of the most viable, easy-to-start, lucrative and profitable online business which one can easily start and succeed with in Nigeria. Given the massive boom in the telecommunication sector as one of the spearhead economic fields that boosts the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country to a great extent, the bulk sms business have eventually come to stay and is posing itself to be a very reliable and sustainable means of income to many citizens nationwide considering the high rate of unemployment eating deep into the fabrics of the nation presently. Hence, the common man yearn for self-employment and job independency through many channels and avenues; one and the best of which is the bulk SMS business model.

Since the inception of the mobile telecommunication media and facilities in the early 2000's by the then President of the country, a lot of business operations as well as other non-commercial activities going on in the country have changed dynamically in all ramifications. Mobile phones models like Nokia, Samsung, LG, Blackberry, Tecno, Androids, Ipads as well as other mobile  touch-screen communication devices have actually come to stay together with the many respective and notable networks powering them which includes the likes of MTN, GLO, ETISALAT and AIRTEL. Not only that, many other miscellaneous tasks and activities (like mobile money banking, e-commerce, mobile billing and payments, bulk messaging, emailing, to mention but a few) can now be carried on through the mobile phone technological innovations which keep on advancing for the better day-by-day.

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All these are evidences of the prospects already witnessed in the sector. With your mobile phones you can make calls and connect with the whole world, with your mobile phones you can not only send text messages to your close friends. Rather through your mobile phones, you can efficiently and effectively reach a wider crowd of members in your target groups and audience through the instrumentality of Bulk SMS at very low and subsidized costs.

Notably, you can always send bulk SMS to your contacts either through your mobile phone or PC as long as you can find a good Bulk SMS Portal that renders such services satisfactorily. A very notable bulk SMS Solution that will serve your mass messaging needs effectively is MyFreeBulkSMS. Such a reliable bulk SMS portal and solution have softwares and applications embedded into their platforms which enables users to easily send mass messages to their contacts at any given point in time. As a user, you can create a member account with the providers, purchase SMS units from them and start sending your bulk messages at your own convenience through their websites and applications.

But as providers of the service, bulk SMS portal administrators make the best possible connections in order to enhance the quality of services that they render to their existing customers just to preserve their patronage. Most importantly, they go out to the world in search of new customers to their business so as to enlarge their customer base in line with their profit levels too. In doing this, they meet with their prospective clients, detect their bulk messaging needs and discharge them satisfactorily. One of the most effective methods usually employed in a bid to get more customers to patronize a bulk SMS business is through the sending of bulk SMS Proposal Letters which can either be done through any available medium; online or offline (face-to-face delivery).

In a simple and concise manner, a Bulk SMS proposal letter can be described as a letter sent by a Bulk SMS service provider, reseller or agent to a potential client outlining the following salient points and facts:

* The urgent need that the client starts using the bulk sms service as soon as possible in his or her routine activities and operations. This entails a statement of the many benefits that the client will stand to reap if he or she starts using Bulk SMS for his or her mass messaging, general enlightenment and even advertising needs.

* An emphasis and a polite-but-competitive persuasion that the Bulk SMS Service he or she plans to offer the client is nothing but the best. The proposal letter should go forward to describe how effective (after-effects on the business and other miscellaneous concerns of the client), efficient (speedy technical enhancements), economic (cheap prices and plans) and reliable the bulk SMS is so as to motivate and entice the potential customer into pledging his or her due lifetime loyalty and patronage to the bulk SMS service.

* Also, there is a strong need to provide many payment systems for the potential client so that he or she can readily choose the most convenient payment option whenever there is need to transact business with the Bulk SMS service provider. While some people are already acquainted with the popular offline mode of payment, many others may prefer to pay through online payment systems. As a result of this, be ready to set out numerous payment options for your clients while writing a good Bulk SMS Proposal letter to them.

* Pin-point other freebies that you are ready and willing to offer your clients inside the bulk SMS proposal letter. It surely will move their minds to go with your services if you have more interesting offers. Such freebies can come in the forms of helping them to set up an account, uploading and grouping their contacts into their respective databases, typing and sending their messages to their specified contacts for them, granting them price discounts whenever they purchase more SMS units from you, rewarding them with bonus SMS units on registration as well as on purchase of SMS units, providing and giving them access to free mobile and desktop Bulk SMS applications, assuring them of better customer care and assistance and fixing up any technical issues that they may experience in the course of using your services, to mention but just a few of the many ways through which you can encourage them.

* Stating the prospects that you have so far achieved as a Bulk SMS service provider can also go a very long way to spark up positive convictions in the minds of your potential clients that you are truly the best. No need for unnecessary exaggerations here or you may end up sounding so fake to your potential customers.

* And many more other relevant features which can be seen in the body of a very good and comprehensive Bulk SMS Proposal letter.

Feel free to send you proposal letters to your target users either through online messaging means like the email or physically (face-to-face) which seems to be more preferable and effective as well. As there are many targets (like schools, churches, companies, associations, families, businesses and other groups) to which bulk SMS Proposal letters are to be sent, the format for writing the respective groups differs from each other. The most important thing is to simply adhere to the above guidelines already outlined and apply them in the context of any of your target clients. Surely, you will make out a very good proposal letter for your bulk SMS business. But should in case writing proposals for your Bulk SMS business campaigns will prove itself a herculean task for you, we have ready-made comprehensive and motivating proposal letters for any target user or client. You can get them at a very little price of N1,000 for each one. Simply contact us if you are interested in them.

With a good bulk SMS proposal letter, you are rest assured to rapidly attract paying customers to your bulk SMS business whenever you send it out thereby, taking your business to greater heights, attaining high profit margins and building up credibility as well as a long-term consumer loyalty for you business. It's my pleasure writing this great post for you all today. I really appreciate your readership and that's all for now. Thanks!

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  1. Hello, Bulk SMS Services are those sms which can be sent to a million of peoples in seconds with single number. In other words we can say that it helps us to connect with wide range of networks in a country. Go for it!!

  2. Nice Post !! Bulk SMS Service is always abest solution for Business advertising. I am using MsgClub SMS Services with 100% support facility.

  3. Great Article! Bulk SMS is a cheapest and user friendly panel. Bulk sms service helps to send alerts, valuable information and any offers to our clients so the clients will get get more benefits, it’s kind of promoting our business with our valuable services.


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