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WhatsApp Free Download - How to use WhatsApp App and explore all features!

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The WhatsApp online application is an ad-free mobile Instant messaging platform and service that gives its  users the amazing features of sending text, image, video and other miscellaneous media messages across to each other through the through the Wi-Fi or mobile internet subscription service. The good news about WhatsApp is that once it is downloaded by the user, it connects him or her with his or her close friends and eliminates all SMS charges which are always incurred by users in sending text messages. Hence, they do not have to pay for it again. However, below are some helpful tips which will guide you on how to download WhatsApp and have wonderful time using the wonderful mobile Instant Messaging Application:

(1). Firstly, you need to download WhatsApp on your phone. Please try as much as possible to download the version that has been specifically made to be suitable for and compatible with your phone. Visit the official website at to download it. Also, you can get a copy too at the Android market place or at the iTunes App Store respectively. Take note that the WhatsApp Application  does not have advertisements placed all over it. This is done to ensure that the end-users find it clear and easy to use the application for their messaging needs. Thus, this accounts for the reason why users have to pay just a little token before unlocking their full access to the application for a specified period of time. While iPhone users pay a fee of $1.99 to download and use the application, users of other mobile devices enjoy a free trial usage of the application after which they will pay a subscription fee of $0.99 for continued usage.

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(2). Once you have successfully downloaded the application o your smartphone, simply proceed and launch the application by following the on-screen prompts and commands which will guide you in steps to create a WhatsApp profile that will be linked directly to your phone number which you have provided. Automatically, WhatsApp will synchronize your phonebook once you allow it and send system messages to people you know inviting them to connect with you on the platform as soon as possible.

(3). As soon as this step is completed, start managing your contacts and favorites. Login to your account and view all you friends who have already connected with you on WhatsApp on the 'Favorites' menu. However, you can clear all you contacts from the list at once by clicking on the 'Edit' button located in the left corner at the top of the screen and then, on the 'Delete All' button. Doing this will remove all your friends from the list and allow you to start connecting with new friends from the scratch again. Also, you can delete your contacts individually by selecting the specific names and clearing them off afterward. To view your contacts, click on the 'Contacts' tab in the mid point of the navigation bar. If a Contact is using WhatsApp, the status will be displayed under his or her name. You can also find out if any of your contacts is on whatsApp. Simply click on the person's name and when you see a 'Message' option, it means the person is connected but when you see an 'Invite' prompt, it simply means that the contact is yet to join WhatsApp. Then, you can invite the person to join from there.

(4). To update your profile status, click on 'Status' as can be seen on the horizontal navigation bar placed at the bottom section. Then click on the '+' icon in the top right corner and add a new status. To edit your present status, tap the button directly under 'Your current status is:' or you can also choose a default status or your past update from the status list placed beneath. To clear you status updates, click on 'Edit' button on the top left side and delete them one after another or you can still move down and click on the 'Clear Status' button to delete all of them at once.

(5). You can invite your friends and close pals to come and connect with you on WhatsApp. To do so, click on 'Contacts', click on a contact to view its information and from there, click on  'Invite to get WhatsApp'. Immediately, the system will send an invitation message to the contact telling him or her to download the whatsApp Instant messaging application. SMS charges will apply if the contact that you are inviting is from a country different fro yours. There is also an option o invite your friends to join WhatsApp by sending them an email. Simply visit 'settings', from there to 'Tell a Friend' and choose the your preferred form of message delivery. Make sure the phone number of the friend is contained in your address book so that the message can be sent successfully.

(6). To start chatting, find 'Chats' in the navigation bar and click on it. Click the pen icon as can be seen in the top right side of your screen and choose a contact that you want to message and chat with. A chat window will come up for you to type and send your message. To snap a photograph or make a video record that you want to share with your contacts, share your location, image, video or contact details, click on the arrow icon (for iPhone), menu icon (for Blackberry) or the paperclip icon (for Nokia, Windows and Android devices).

Moreover, you can easily view under the name of a contact the last seen they were seen online on WhatsApp as well as whether they are online or offline. You can start a new message for a group by clicking the 'New Group' button which you can see under the pencil icon (on iPhones). If you are using other phones (Windows, Android, Nokia or Blackberry device), you can still see this by clicking the 'Menu' or 'Options' button as well. Type any name that you like as the group's name into the subject field, select a picture for the group and add the members of the group from below too. Once a sent message is delivered to your target contact, the message will be marked up as delivered.

(7). To manage your chats so far, click on 'Chats' located there in the navigation bar and view all your previous conversations and messages with each of your friends as well as your message groups. To read fully or continue any chat or discussion, click on the specific chat and that is it.

(8). You can also change and edit your WhatsApp settings. To do so, just click on the 'Settings' button in the navigation bar. To edit your profile picture or name or to edit your chat wallpaper, font size, download settings, message timestamp settings, click on 'Profile' and 'Chat Settings' respectively. Your friends can be blocked from contacting you. Achieve this by clicking on 'Chat Settings' followed by the 'Block' option. A list of all four friend that you have already blocked from your list will be displayed at the bottom of the page thereafter. Take good note that your blocked friends can view your status updates but they will no be able to send you messages talkless of seeing your online availability status as well as your 'Last Seen' timestamps. If you want to  turn off your 'last seen' timestamp, click on 'Chat Settings' and switch on to the 'Message Timestamp' option.

Once you set it like this, your friends will not be able to see when you came online to whatsapp last. If you want to  turn off your 'last seen' timestamp, click on 'Chat Settings' and switch on to the 'Message Timestamp' option. Once you set it like this, your friends will not be able to see when you came online to whatsapp last. If you turn on "Save Incoming Media" option, WhatsApp will automatically download all videos and images sent from chats to you by your friends. Obviously, additional data charges may apply so take good note of this. But also, media items can also be downloaded and saved to your phone individually. If your device is not linked to a Wi-Fi network and you are running WhatsApp under a limited data plan from your mobile phone network provider, beware that additional data charges will also apply. So as a precaution against loss of your data bundles on WhatsApp, always close your WhatsApp Messenger whenever you are connected to a 4G or 3G mobile network.

Feel free to download the official version of WhatsApp suitable for your mobile phone device at WhatsApp Inc. official website - The WhatsApp Application works pretty well and good on BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia, Windows and Android mobile phone devices.

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