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Newspaper Delivery Business - Start a Sports Newspaper Business Plan and making money from it

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If the going gets tough, the innovative ones among the crowd will surely continue the race because their ideas are always there to clear the roads, level every mountains before them, pave their ways and keep them marching on to make exploits and achieve great success at last. Trapped in the midst of unemployment and massive financial distress, Nigeria as a country will be a very harsh place for lazy and dull people to live in because they will never be able to boldly cut their shares from some sweet business and income generation opportunities that may present themselves from time to time.

It is high time we woke up from our deep slumber to embrace the opportunities hidden deep inside places where there seems to be no way. Financial success will never come to you by chance and if you are one of those clueless persons who live their lives by chance the, be ready to fall out as a victim of circumstance sooner or later. You need to have a focus if you really want to make something out of your life. Many young guys and youths always complain of insufficient capital with which to start a business of their choice but I will always argue with them that it will always be difficult for them because the old testament manna does not fall down for people again. The best way of raising money for a bigger business is by taking a bold risk of investing it into reasonable small scale businesses and from there, build up your capital for your dream business.

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One of such ideal business models which you can start for this purpose or even run a full time basis is the sports newspaper stand business. This venture is very simple to establish and requires a very little capital and minimum efforts to manage for big profits and returns. Many Nigerians today are strong fans of sports of different sorts both the domestic and international scenes. When you take it to the world of football, that is where you will see a lot of Nigerians who are ever ready at any point in time to give up their lives as long as giving out their unshaken support for their respective football clubs is concerned.

This is predominant among the youths and even among children and grown-ups. Everyone gets a sense of belonging by supporting a particular soccer team existing in the European football leagues including the English Barclays Premier league, the Italian league (Seria A), the Spanish League (La Liga), the French League (Ligue 1), the Dutch League (Eredivise) among many other global leagues, tournaments and competitions like the noble UEFA Champions League. Not only that, there are many other fans for their countries who participate and follow up in the international sports and football competitions like the FIFA World cup, the Olympic games, the Euros, the African Championship competitions and others. Generally, sports fans follow up sports trends in various games like basketball, table tennis, lawn tennis, hand ball, badminton, baseball, racing, car racing, motorbike racing and many others.

The boiling point of all these elaboration is to show you that the patronage base for any sports related business establishment is very large and endless too. Millions of Nigerians always seek to know what is happening in the sports arena at every given point in time. So when you start this business in busy and well-populated areas like near football match viewing centres, car parks, schools, along the streets, at a strategic road junction, near a market place and other youth-filled locations, you are sure of gaining a lot of patronage within a short period of time and make a lot of money from the business.

Fans from different football clubs like Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester city, Liverpool, Barcelona, Real madrid, AC Milan, Inter Millan, PSG and many others will always flood and flock around your stand to either buy these sports newspaper, read them or gist about sports. Buy your sports newspapers from reliable and affordable sources and sell them to fans for profits. Also, charge your customers for a specified number of minutes whenever they come to just read sports news. Sitting around your joint to gist and crack jokes is free but make sure they do not implicate you by engaging in other unlawful activities related with sports which can get you into the police trap and net to answer for what you do not know about.

You can place a notice and warning shunning illegal acts around your stand. It may be a rented shop or just an open space shaded under an umbrella or tree. Run and mange your business profitably and make your money. Save up money and start up something better for your life or even explore more related business opportunities waiting for you in the sports sector.

I hope you really enjoyed this article peeps? Send me your views and questions on it using the comment box I placed below for prompt attention and response. It is nice speaking to you again, make sure you come back here always to read more helpful business tips and ideas which I share regularly on this platform every day. Thank you!

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