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Security Agency Jobs Hiring - How to Start a Security Agency NYC and make money from the establishment

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Right from the time I attained the age of reasoning, I have never ever heard that any country in the world has been able to totally overcome all the security problems and challenges facing their respective territories. Irrespective of the use of computerized security systems, advanced technology and other sophisticated security measures in ensuring the safety of the lives and properties of her citizens by different governments and authorities of vast nations all over the world, more still needs to be done to minimize these security threats.

Being a world of humans, wild creations and unprecedented happenings, there must be violence and other threats to mankind. That is why security challenges are endless and obviously insurmountable even though they can be curtailed, curbed and managed effectively in most situations. God is the ultimate security officer because he oversees everything that happens in the world and shields his people from harms. If God does not protect the city, the watchmen waits in vain ! But still, every living being is the secondary security officer and custodian of his or her life, belongings and properties. While God takes care of the uncertainties, we take care of the ones that we have the power to ward off. But what of the ones that we can take care of but could not possibly realize them on time or be consciously awake to take on ?

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Have you ever wondered why we have our both eyes on our faces and none at the back ? This question is what seriously calls for the need to institute third party guides such that when we cannot envisage harms coming to us, others will see it for us and inform us on time. That is why you will put on a clothe unmindful of the fact that a crab is clinging onto your back, and your mum or wife or husband will see it and safely remove it to protect you from harm. That is a safety mechanism too. But what of a case where a whole family goes to sleep or are all busy at a social gathering and an intruder breaks into their safe to take away their valuables ?

That is a typical instance of a scenario where the premium services of expert security officers and agents are needed. Such and security challenges can never ever cease to fall out in the world and that is why it is relevant to have standby security forces to take care of them effectively as they surface so as to prevent untold harms to valuables, loss of lives and properties. Although the government of all countries have put up security bodies in place all over their territories but yet, the challenges keeps on outweighing the available security forces meant to combat them. This is the more reason why private security agencies are fast emerging from different corners in many parts of the world in a bid to effectively tackle these security issues and menaces whose occurrences are increasing day by day in the present society.

Taking a look at Nigeria presently, various security challenges like the trending Boko Haram attacks have thrown the country into shambles. I say more grease to the elbow of the Government who have and are still making sincere efforts to battle them off through the instrumentality of the army troops. Also, many other private and authorized security agencies have sprouted up in a bid to help the government and citizens I managing other security issues within the country. Although the business has been in existence in Nigeria for a very long time, it is clear and obvious from my recent observations that the business is actually taking a new dimension and shape in these recent times.

The incessant violent cases of fund embezzlement, top level thefts and even the Boko Haram quagmire, to mention but just these few has left the country unsecured. Yes, it is the role of the army to defend the country but yet, we the private sector still has a lot to do for our own good. If a man that is being led starts moving faster than the man leading him the, the leader would hasten up his steps to meet up. The private security agency business is fast emerging itself to be promising a multi billion dollar worth business opportunity all over the country just like the oil and gas sector.

Moreover, security agencies are not expected to go for wars. So, get your mind cleared of that wrong perception. There is more to safety and security besides the issue of national and general insecurity issues. Rich men, politicians, companies, banks, schools and even churches find need for private security staffs from time to time. The demand for such services are getting higher day by day as it is widely adjudged as a very cost effective means instead of ending up loosing your lives and valuables or even paying big money ransoms for your release if you are abducted by some of the bad guys.

Security agencies (just like travel agency business, job recruitment agency business, house agency business and land agency business) are saddled with a lot of delicate responsibilities and duties which they should always strive as much as possible to meet up with. Also, the profit potential associated with this form of business is very attractive and big. That is why the owners of security outfits can never ever get poor in their lives again as long as their business thrives. Let me show you how this business works in the real sense.

• Starting this business will require a sizable investment from you. To make it more credible and professional, you need to incorporate your business, and register it to get the your valid and relevant certificates, licenses and permissions for it from the designated authorities.

• Rent a very spacious office for your business or you can even build a complex for your security agency. Brand your business name onto it.

• Employ your administrative staffs like the secretaries, cleaners, accountants and other employees as needs calls for them.

• Employ experienced security staffs to work with your agency. You can give them further periodic and continuous training exercises under your agency.

• Your security staffs should have a defined dressing code for which they are known. So, make adequate provisions for their uniforms and other dressing kits like boots, berets, scarfs and others.

• Provide adequate security tools, gadgets and equipments that will make your security team deliver efficient and reliable services to your clients. Make sure that for each security item you use, you must have obtained the relevant licenses that will permit you to use them.

• As your clients including the likes of big companies, small businesses, individuals, households, event planners, rich men, politicians, travellers and many other people come to hire staffs, charge them in such a manner that you can cover up staff remuneration obligations and still have big money left as your personal profits.

• Renew your operating licenses and certificates as at when due. Pay your staffs well as deserved so as to keep them and also, render efficient and reliable services to your clients. Once you gain their trust, they will keep on patronizing your security services and you will definitely make a lot of money and riches for yourself doing this business.

Surely, you will make that your dream of financial bounty and self-sufficiency come true. Review and evaluate the age, strength, ability and knowledge of your staffs from time to time so as to relieve the unfit ones from their duties after a mutual agreement and recruit new, younger, energetic, zealous and experienced staffs who will keep your business going, grow your business name and draw you lots of patronage from customers. For more information and details on how to set up this business and manage it efficiently and profitably, please consult the experienced giants who are already deep-rooted in the venture.

Make your comments and express your views on this article using the comment box below and I will give you prior attention and assistance where necessary. Thank you so much for reading. Keep on reading other interesting and informative business and entrepreneurship articles and posts that I publish here on daily basis free of charge. Information rules the world. I want you to be a successful leader that is why I feed you with the relevant information that you need on this platform.

Cheers to your bright future !

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