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Profitable Restaurant Business Plan Outline - How to start a Restaurant Business Youtube by Roadside and make money daily

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Food items especially when cooked and ready for direct consumption and other edibles like snacks are the most consumed products all over the world. You can quote me wrong if you have your reasons but I do not think you have any. But why am I saying this? It is simply because almost all human beings eat several times a day to sustain their life and to get energy to work and earn a living for themselves.

You all know what is feels like to go without food for 6 or 10 hours. It is like hell to most people and that is why even if an individual does not have any money at hand, he or she must borrow money from somebody around to eat food or go into debt by eating food on credit at a restaurant. The Holy bible states that 'man shall not live by bread alone but at least I am happy that it acknowledged by implication that although there are other things that keeps man alive, food is one of the things that makes him live. That is why every now and then, we as human being make efforts possible to feed ourselves in order to remain healthy, strong and full of life.

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When you starve yourself of food, you get lean, slim and thin as a result of malnutrition. Not only that, poor feeding can expose you to a greater risk of developing life-threatening health problems like stomach ulcers which can culminate into the growth of malignant cancers in the digestive tract of the victim if proper care and caution is not taken. As a result of these reasons, people always strive to feed well. My father once told me that the primary reason why human beings must work and labour is because we and the people that we care for all have stomachs. And that established the essence for eating and feeding.

Having seen the fact that food is very indispensable to human survival and the sustenance of life as well, going into a food retailing business will be a very nice option for you if you really want the whole world to make you a billionaire in do distant time provided that you have the expert cooking skills. You cannot just come out and cook a tasteless rubbish for people and expect to make money from the business. Your customers will simply run away and start patronizing other food joints that serve delicious and tasty foods. Learn the art of cooking first before you can ever think of starting this business.

Mind you, this business is not only for the ladies and mothers as we always think. Nodody's name or gender is attached to this business. Anybody can do it whether you are a boy, girl, man or woman on the condition that you can cook very well for the public. Start the business, offer quality services, make your big money daily and let the people keep on talking.

If you want to start this business as soon as you can, find a corner in a busy area and base your restaurant there. Cook foods like local dishes, soups, rice and other delicious meal peculiar to the area. You cannot be in the northern part of Nigeria and open a restaurant where you cook Bitter leaf soup and cassava meal. Though the few south-eastern inhabitants in the area may patronize you, you may end up eating up the rest of the food by yourself because most of the people in the area are northerners who are not conversant with the food you are cooking. So prepare the meals that are commonly consumed within your area of operation.

Sell your food at profitable prices. A small plate of rice served by a roadside restaurant in a big and well-populated city in Lagos goes can go for as high as N800 and that is a serious money when you analyse the profit margin and the number of plates you can sell of in a day. That is why I said earlier that this food business is areal goldmine irrespective of the fact that many people disregard it and see nothing too special about it because eating is a daily affair.

I urge you to take advantage of these ignorant minds and go into the business and make a lot of money and fortunes for yourself sooner than you have expected it. Let a man who is always mean of frowns his face all the time not keep a shop. Remember to be cheerful and interactive with your customers. By doing so, you learn their preferences and use it to tie them down to your business as your money-making machines.

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