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Profitable Bag Business Plan Sample - How to Start a Bag Selling Business and Make Money Daily

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Bags are one of the most commonly used products in the world today because it serves an innumerable number of purposes for different people, families, businesses, offices and many other uses. Almost everybody who is alive in the world today have one, two, three or even a hundred bags. Bags can either be fashion-designed bags, school bags, travelling bags, packaging bags, food item bags, to mention but just a few of them.

However, the 3 categories of bags that I have in mind while putting up this article on the Bag selling Business idea are the Fashion bags, school bags and the travelling bags. It is not that you will not make money selling other categories of bags. But I am strongly recommending the three types because they sell very faster, the demand pattern for them is very high especially during their seasons and also, very big profits can be made selling each of those type of bags. All you need to do is to buy in bulk at cheaper rates from a reliable seller who imports or manufactures the bags in large quantities. Alternatively, you can be a bag importer on your own and sell it off quickly at high profits and return rates to your customers.

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When you go to commercial cities like Aba in Abia State, Nigeria, you will see a lot of entrepreneurs who manufacture and sow up these bags in very large quantities. You can find a good customer there and start buying in bulk from him or her at very cheap prices. Also, you can travel outside the country if you have the money to Dubai, China or Cotonou and import these bags or leather materials yourself and sell them off or sow them into bags yourself if you have the expertise design skill in the field.

Whichever way you go about it, everything boils down to you making available some pieces of bags to sell to your customers and make your money. Make sure you procure high quality, well-designed, eye-catching and physically attractive bags so that people's attentions can be easily caught one they come across your selling point. Bags have no fixed price. As long as it is good looking with a strong quality, you can sell a bag that cost you just N800 for as much as N4,000 or even more.

Fashion bags are always very expensive so don not under-price them while doing good to your customers yet displeasing yourself. You do not need to please and impress customers with cheap prices at the expense of your profits. All you need to impress them is to provide bags with good designs and quality for them and leave them to battle with your high prices. Surely, they can even borrow money to buy bags from you sa long as your bags meet their tastes. The same also applies to travelling bags and school bags.

While travelling bags, fashion bags and school bags have a relatively high demand throughout the calender year, their demands are higher during certain seasons and times of the year. While the demand for fashion and travelling bags increases with a high speed during the festive periods like christmas, Easter, New yam festivals, weddings and traditional marriages, the demand for school bags always spikes up whenever schools are about to begin a new session, term or semester. And as the demand rises, remember to add a mark-up margin to your prices too so as to take advantage of the respective seasons and make yourself a millionaire.

You can deal in any of the bags or you can still combine the 3 categories if you want and still make your mega profits. Do not hesitate to ask your questions about this article on bag business by dropping your questions using the comment box below for more insight into other aspects of the business. Watch out for more interesting and innovative business ideas on this same blog as soon as you can.

I appreciate your readership. You are always welcome!

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