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How to make money from Indomie Noodles Cooking Business in Nigeria - Profitable Indomie Business In Nigeria

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To survive, grow and be alive nature has made in such a way that man must eat food and must continue eating to sustain his or her life as long as the breathing process still goes on. Hence, a food business is a very serious business venture that will enrich your pockets and make you a financially buoyant person if you can venture into it. Everybody eats everyday to live. While some people can afford just two or three meals daily, many others can eat as much as ten times each blessed day added to other snacks and miscellaneous edibles that they eat.

I once told a guy that I met somewhere that his stomach is too big because of the high rate at which he eats. But he simply smiled back and told me that his big stomach is an evidence that he is a very hardworking man who enjoys the fruits and dividends of his labour. As long as there is time for work, there is always a time to eat. Food is made in such a way that even if you have no money and you are still owing thousands over people a great deal of money, you must find a way to eat food to survive. So the fact that someone is broke can never stop his feeding. A popular saying says that when a lazy man covers himself with his wrapper on the bed to sleep while others are working, the hunger for food will soon uncover the wrapper before he knows it.

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The summary of all these is that food is one of the major things that sustains life. It is a 'sine qua non' (something you cannot do without) and this makes the demand for food extremely high. Food comes in varieties too. One man's best food may be the worst food for another man. So choice plays its role so much in the food consumption of different people.
However, noodles is a special variety of food which almost everybody likes. For ages, it has been a special delicacy for the Chinese.

Here in Nigeria, a wide range of people have made it their favourites including school children, students, households and people from all age brackets. It is a very delicious meal especially when it is packaged with extra ingredients to make the diet balanced. That is why it is regarded as one of the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) in the Nigeria because it sells off fast as possible because the demand for it keeps on increasing day by day.

You can tap into this business and make lots of money for yourself. I have seen a lot of roadside noodle cooks who have chased out poverty from their lives doing this business. You too can. To start it, find a strategic spot by a busy road side and plane your canopy of construct a a stand or you can even rent a shop for the business. Place eating share and tables in your stand and procure your cooking items and utensils including a kerosene stove or a gas cooker, bowls, forks, spoons, plates, cups, jugs and other cutlery items.

Buy your noodles from noodle depots. There are many brands of noodles in Nigeria including the Indomie, Tummy-Tummy, Honeywell, Chikki Chikki among others. Mix up the noodles because of consumer preferences and varieties. Also buy other ingredients for garnishing your noodles including onions, carrots, green beans, pepper, eggs, meat, ice fish, cabbage and others as you may find fitting.

Place an sign post or a banner about your business outside your stand in order to attract the attention of people to your selling point. Mostly in the noon time, workers always take break for their working places to eat and also in the evening and night time when they want to have a good meal after working for the day. Once they start coming to patronize you, render your feeding services to them at any price of your choice depending on the quantity of the noodles ordered as well as the extent of garnishing demanded by each customer. Treat them well and offer them good and delicious meals such that they will continue coming back as if you have charmed them.

As they flood in and to give you their patronage, make money and profits from your business and be a happy man doing so. With just you very little initial investment in this business, you can be a very financially capable person in no distant time.

Have a nice day. I wish you well in all your sincere struggles and endeavours!

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How to make money from Indomie Noodles Cooking Business in Nigeria - Profitable Indomie Business In Nigeria How to make money from Indomie Noodles Cooking Business in Nigeria - Profitable Indomie Business In Nigeria Reviewed by Ikpokolo Chukwuemeka on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 Rating: 5


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