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Firewood Business Plan PDF - How to start a lucrative Firewood Delivery Business and Firewood Selling Business

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Forest reserves are one of the greatest gifts given to mankind by nature. From forests, there are many natural resources to be derived including different species of wildlife animals, trees, herbs, fruits, food crops, water reserves, to mention but just a few of them.

However, woods seems to be one of the most valuable derivatives from a forest land because most parts of the ecological environment of an ideal forest is covered by trees. And trees are the only source of used which can be transformed to a lot of utility items for maximum aesthetic purposes in life. The woods derived from different varieties of trees are vastly used for furnitures, paper making, plywood extraction, carpentry works and for many more purposes. But most significantly and importantly, woods from forest trees are good source of the firewood which are used for cooking, powering industrial machines, steam engines, ovens and for many other purposes.

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Many household widely use fire woods in cooking and make it serve as a substitute for kerosine and cooking gas which may be too costly to be afforded by them. Also, industrial establishment like bakeries make use of fire woods to power their ovens, plants, engines and machineries in order to save the huge costs associated with the use of diesel oil for fuelling and maintenance of their production facilities and keep them active and functional at all times. These and more explains why fire woods remain a very valuable commodity with vast economic usage and benefits as well.

To start this firewood business, you need a land where you can store your firewood. If you do not have any free one at your disposal, rent or lease a portion of land in a market of by a strategic roadside. Once you have done so, source for fire woods from reliable places. Meet people who clear their lands or even the authorities of Government lands and buy cut tree logs from them as soon as they are available. Slice the logs using a chain saw or you can employ a saw operator and pay him to so that for you. You can also make use of cutlasses, axes, chisels and big hammers to break up the woods into smaller pieces to ensure ease in their carriage and also, to be in a better position to assign costs to each piece.

Transport your fire woods to your point of sale, leave them outdoors so that they can dry up and offer them to your customers at good and profitable prices considering all costs you have incurred to make them available. You can apply pesticides around your storage area to avoid moths and other creatures from eating up your wood and reducing their realizeable values.

When buying your woods, make sure you look out for woods from reliable and high quality trees like the Iroko, Obeche, Mahogany, Acacia among others. Your customers will not like to buy fire woods that will easily burn down to ashes or the ones that finds it difficult to catch fire. Whenever it is raining or whenever you close your business for each day, endeavour to cover your fire woods with tarpaulin (a nylon spread) to avoid getting the woods wet and triggering decays too. Secure your storage area with a mini fence if you like and have a wonderful experience doing the business.

For more coaching and tips on this business, share your worries with us below using the comment box and we will be very glad to help you out with helpful answers.

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