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How to start a Frozen Chicken Business in Nigeria and make money

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Dealing in frozen foods like the Chicken meat is one of the surest ways of making millions of money daily in Nigeria. Nigeria a few years back banned the importation of all sorts of foreign poultry products including frozen chicken, turkey and the meat of other domestic and edible birds. This move was necessitated by the fact the import of such commodities told negatively to a large extent on the economic performance of the country.

Hence, the government and the relevant authorities felt the need that such poultry animals, stocks and products should be produce domestically within the country so as to boost exports and local production as well. And that was why the embargo was placed so that the magnanimous costs associated with the importation of poultry products from the international markets will be cut off. Remarkably, this decision increased the availability and supply of said poultry products but yet, the local production has never ever met up with the demands of the populace.

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Obviously in Nigeria, most households and individuals are now gradually shifting from the consumption of red meat (like the beef which contains a very high level of bad fats - Chloresterol, which is very harmful to the body and a very known cause of high blood pressure) to the consumption of the healthier white meat like the Chicken meat as well as the meat of many other poultry animals like turkeys. This creates a very high demand for the chicken meat which remains the popularly consumed poultry meat in Nigeria.

For events, in restaurants, fast food centres, schools, ceremonies and households, chicken is becoming the major meat consumed and used. More interestingly, frozen chicken saves costs for the consumers because instead of spending a lot of money to buy a full chicken, individuals can buy it in any of their desired quantities conveniently. Frozen chicken sellers measure and sell their chicken meat in kilos with a scale.

Making money through this business model is very simple and you do not need a very big start up capital before you can take part in this business and make your profits. As a student, unemployed graduate, an idle housewife or a supplementary income seeker, you can conveniently do this business even in front of your house and make lots off money from it. To start this business and join the train of money makers, you have to do the following:

• Renting a shop is a very good idea but if you cannot afford it for a start, find a selling spot in a big market preferably in a town or city. You can also start this business right in front of your house if you are residing in a busy and well-populated neighbourhood. Place your table in a strategic point and you are good to go.

• Source live chickens from large poultry farms nearest to you at very cheap prices. Butcher, de-feather and cut them into scalable pieces for sales. Wash them neatly with water so that they can attract your potential customers.

• It is called frozen chicken because it must be frozen to block inside a deep freezer so as to preserve it against geting damaged and spoilt. So buy a deep freezer for your business and ensure that the location where you are doing your business always has a steady power supply. If there are fluctuations in electricity power supply, you meat may spoil and you will loose a lot of money. So in order to avert this dreadful omen, you can buy a stand-by electricity generator that can comfortably power your deep freezer.

• Stock your chicken meat inside the deep freezer and once they get blocked, take them to the market as soon as you can and sell them off to your customers for big profits. There is a ready market for frozen chicken so you do not have to worry about getting customers. You will even be surprised by the rate at which customers will make you run out of stock as frequently as possible. Measure the meat in your scale in kilos as you cut and sell them profitably.

• As soon as you have sold all, get more chickens from the poultry farms and continue with the lucrative business. As you get more money, you can establish your own poultry farm so that sourcing for the chickens will cost you lesser money and will be easier for you too.

With a capital of N30,000 or N50,000, you can comfortably start this profitable business and make money for yourself. Heaven helps those who help themselves. So, first give it a trial and see for yourself how much money you will make!

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