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Beans Business Plan PDF - Start a Lucrative Beans Farming Business Wholesale Retail

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Beans is an agricultural plant that exists and abounds all over the world in many varieties. Botanically, the common beans that we all know is called 'Phaseolus vulgaris'. Other species of beans including the string, field, flageolet, French, garden, haricot, pop and snap beans are also widely grown in different parts and countries of the world. Notably, beans are annual and herbaceous crops cultivated for the harvest of their highly edible and nutritious fruits. The leaves of some beans are harvested and consumed as vegetables while those of others are used as livestock feeds. Also, beans straws serve as fodders. Generally, beans are under the special legume family termed the 'Fabaceae'. The legume crops that fall under this category mainly have the features of associating themselves with a nitrogen fixing bacteria specie known as 'rhizobia' to tap in their nitrogen contents.

Usually, different species of beans plants are prone to climbing after germination. Apart from the Antarctica, beans are widely cultivated in all the continents of the world. India and Brazil from past statistics are the largest farmers of the dry beans plants. But when it comes to the production of green beans, China has it in abundant quantities. All over the world in the year 2010, a total of 17.1 million tonnes and 23 million tonnes of the green beans and the dry common beans respectively were grown and recorded globally.

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Coming down to Nigeria in the West African region of the African continent, beans is also produced domestically in abundant quantities within the country. Mainly, the northern part of the country have large expanses of arable farmlands which supports the growth and germination of beans plants. That is why they produce it in large quantities over there, harvest it, package them in bags or sacks and either distribute them to the national markets or better still, export them to the international markets for more profits.

Notably, all tribes in Nigeria consume beans and that is why the demand for the product is very high. It contains a lot of vital nutrients ranging from protein, carbohydrates, folic acid, vitamins, fibres and many more contents which nourishes the body, strengthens the cells, helps in tissue development and promotes a healthy living and the general physical well-being of mankind. Beans can be processed into a wide variety delicious dishes like moi-moi and akara balls. Also, it can be cooked alongside other food items like yam, plantain, bread, pap, garri, vegetables and many more to provide mouth-watering delicacies and healthy dietary combination.

My intention for you as regards the setting up of this business if for you to set it up as a combine wholesale and retail business. You do not necessarily need to set up a beans plantation for you to start the business. Even if you have enough money to buy a spacious land and carter for the large scale cultivation of beans plants, take note that the plant does not grow healthily on every regions like the south eastern parts of Nigeria because of the land condition and natural topography. It thrives well mainly in the northern and western farmlands.

So better find a large scale beans producer. You can go the region where the item is being farmed widely and discover a farm that you will be buying from. Alternatively, people who have been in the trade for a long time can connect you with a reliable supplier of beans so that you can comfortably place your orders and have the specified quantity of beans supplied directly to your door step without you travelling to distant places. Rent a spacious store for the storage of your beans. If you have money, you can build large silos and tanks and store your beans inside them.

Protect your beans from damages and pest attacks by applying pesticides around your silos. Aphids, weevils and a host of other dangerous pests, worms, diseases and insects are notorious attackers of stored beans. So do well to scar e them away from your store and silos through the use of insecticides and pesticides. If you fail to do so, they will invade your stock in their large quantities and either damage the totally or massively reduce their market values. Then, you may only be able to sell them off at give-away prices to livestock farm, animal feed makers or even throw them away. So take your safety precautions on time to avoid regrets and untold losses.

You can buy and stock different species of white and brown beans. Sell them off to your customers as soon as they make their demands for your products either in wholesale or retail quantities. Remember, add your profit margins and make a lot of money doing the business. The food item has an extremely high demand pattern in Nigeria given the fact that it is one of the most popularly consumed food items alongside rice, yam and other food stuffs. Treat your customers very well by always providing them with high quality species of beans at market-friendly prices without ignoring your profits please. That is the most important.

As your stock goes down, replenish them as soon as you can and take your business into greater heights. As you earn more money and make more profits, enlarge you business into multiple depots in vast locations. You can even start a beans farm in a good location and enjoy the sweeter prospects in the business.

Feel free to ask an experienced person in this business to put you through before you start so as to minimize your risk, manage them better and optimize your business returns. For any other information which you may need to clear your confusion and ambiguities about this business model, the comment box placed below is very free for you to use it to reach me. I assure you of my prompt and helpful replies. Keep it cool and always hope for the best in all your struggles. You will soon join us at the top and even surpass us. Cheers!

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