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Quail Farming Business Plan - How to start Quail Farming business for huge profits!

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How do I start? Probably, this may be the first time you are hearing about this business using Nigeria as a focal point. I know well that this business is not practised in most parts of the country. That is why only those few people based in a particular region who know it's economic practice it alone and make the whole money for themselves as they guard the secrets of the business jealously. Anyway, this article has come to pass a message across to you and that message is what I intend to fully deliver to you all by the time you finish reading through this post. I want to teach you how to make a lot of money from this lucrative quail farming business and also, expose your eyes and mind to the massive financial prospects which this business model will offer you if you can take the bull by the horn, strike the rod while it is still hot and take a bold step that can positively change your life forever.

Poultry farming really has a lot of dimensions including chicken and turkey farming for meat and eggs. But one of the profitable sections of this poultry farming which is yet to be fully explored is the Quail farming. Obviously, it is an agro based business and promises a very high rate of return on initial investment to the potential investors within a very short time frame. I do not know why I am telling you all these with a free mind because this is the same business which I am planning to set up and fully establish before this year runs half. Even if not the, at least before I celebrate my next birthday. I have very close friends who ventured into this business and as I am speaking to you all right now, they are all doing fine and have forgotten the pains and sufferings they underwent after their graduation from the university searching hopelessly for 'big' jobs that do not exist in reality.

Quails are tropical and wild but less troublesome birds which can be properly and conveniently domesticated. Mainly, they are raised by farmers for their eggs as well as for meat production. However, the main profits to be made from this business lies so much in the eggs. When a Quail farm is set up and managed very well, an egg is guaranteed from each quail every day. On the average, a Quail egg sell in Nigeria can be sold for an ideal market price ranging from twenty naira to thirty naira (N20 to N30) and more interestingly too, it is a fast selling poultry product which sells off quickly as a result of the vast medicinal and nutritional value which people derive from consuming it frequently.

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The fertile quail eggs are widely considered to be much more nutritional when compared to the chicken and turkey eggs. That is the major reason why medical doctors and many other health practitioners and experts widely recommend it for the sick patients and others who crave for their physical well-being and fitness. A lot of health problems, diseases and body disorders like weak immune systems, ulcers, high blood pressure, liver malfunctions, kidney problems, anemia, asthma, infections and many other sicknesses can be effectively combated, treated or managed using these quail eggs. That is why people regard as that super food that normalizes and strengthens the body system. These fertile Quail eggs can be optimally produced in your quail farm if you mix your quails in an ideal female to male proportion of 5:1 such that for every five female quails in your farm, there should be a strong and healthy male quail for fertilization purposes.

As concretely reported by agricultural forecasters and poultry farming professionals, the Chicken farming activities will soon be overtaken by the Quail farming operations in Nigeria as the consciousness for the health benefits as well as the great financial potential associated with the latter keeps on growing and getting stronger day by day. With very little labour costs and business inputs, quail farmers are always guaranteed of a very high rate of return on their low capital investments and minimum fund injections into this business when compared to the case seen in the raising of chickens on a commercial basis.

While quails can be raised in a farm and given very little or absolutely no medications, it is under the law that chickens must be regularly vaccinated and placed on drugs in order that they may not get sick or constitute health problems for people when consumed. In this case, I can tell you that Quails are stronger than chickens and can survive in rough and harsh conditions because of their tropical origins. Also, a fully matured quail will only eat like 20 or 25 grammes of poultry feeds in a day and for the same type of feeds, a fully matured chicken as old as the quail will averagely consume a total of 150 grammes of feeds on daily basis and even more. When you check it, you will find out that the chicken of the same age with a quail will on the average eat 6 times more than what will be consumed by the quail.

Going further in the economic analysis, a quail egg can be sold for N20 in Nigeria as its average market price but on the contrary, a chicken egg is sold for an average market price of N30 which is more. But when you consider one more important factor, you will find out that while a quail takes roughly 5 or 6 weeks to be matured for meat production, a chicken will take a poultry farmer from twenty to twenty four weeks before it attains maturity and gets ready for consumption. And so the comparisons continue to point out that is quail farming is indeed a very profitable aspect of the poultry business in Nigeria.

If you have like N200,000 as your initial start up capital for this business and also a good way of promoting your business and marketing your products, you will be able to start this business, manage it without too much stress and make as much as N100,000 monthly going by my factual estimates below. Let me analyze the business plan for you below so that you will be able to get a clearer picture of what I am saying. Here is the simple quail farming business analysis:

(1). Start your quail farm with 50 matured male and 250 matured female quails. While the females will cost you a total of N125,000 if you buy them at the N500 each, the male quails will cost you total of N15,000 is you buy them at N300 which is the ideal market price at most farms.

(2). For your quail farm, use any idle land that you have. It can be an idle space at your backyard. Then, construct a wooden two-stepped housing structure measuring four feet long and 3 feet wide. The total sum of N25,000 is estimated to be enough for the housing expenses.

(3). Procure poultry feeding and drinkers apparatus for your quails with the sum of N4,000 which will surely be sufficient when managed well.

(4). Buy quail feeds from a reliable dealer or maker. On the estimate, your quails will roughly consume a total of Nine bags of feeds each weighing 25kg in a month. Set out N22,500 for this expenses.

(5). Make a financial provision of N8,500 only for other miscellaneous items and services that will be needed from time to time to run your quail farm smoothly and efficiently.

Now, the grand total of all these estimated costs that you will incur in setting up your own small scale quail farm is N200,000 only. However, you have to take good note of the fact that from the first to the fourth items listed above are semi-fixed costs which are incurred once in a while. Also, the cost of putting up your quail housing structure, procuring the male and female quails, drinking apparatus and feeding facilities may not be the same in your area as a result of the significant geographical differences. These costs given above are costs obtainable in Kaduna State in Nigeria as at the time of writing and publishing this post.

With proper mating among the matured male and female quails in your farm, you will be getting a total of 225 or even more fertilized eggs every blessed day. On monthly basis, it translates into a total of 6,750 units of eggs by implication. And since the average selling price of a quail egg (in places like Kaduna for instance) is N20, you will be generating a total of monthly income of N135,000 (i.e N20 x 6,750 eggs). In many other Nigerian states like Anambra, Delta and Lagos, the price of each quail egg can go for as high as N30 or N40 and this will even sky-rocket the total sales revenue from the business. Deduct your operating expenses from your cash sales and enjoy the huge profits alone.

One important thing you should also learn about raising quails is that your quails should be left to lay their eggs consistently for a recommended period of 18 months - an equivalent of a year and six months. After that, sell them off for consumption as meat to individuals, households, restaurants, hotels and many other consumers and make more money. Before then, make sure you have raised more quails to succeed them and keep your farm going as they get sold off. In a maximum of two years, you should be able to have over 1,000 quails in your farm or even much more.

Many other helpful tips when you follow them, will ensure that you manage your quail farm profitably. Secure your quail cages from burglars and other pests that may attack your quails. And also, always keep them locked because quails are very sharp birds. Given any slightest opportunity, they can swiftly fly out with their weightless bodies in their numbers and escape never to come back again. So avoid crying in this business without getting beaten by anyone by taking absolute charge of your quail cages and the quail farm at large. Make the cages in such a way that they will allow free ventilation of fresh air. Keep the quail farm clean at all times. A dirty environment can inhibit egg production and even cause an outbreak of a strange disease although this is extremely a rare occurrence among quail farmers in the country so far.

Feed your quails with clean feeds and clean water as part of the personal hygiene process and activity in your farm. Quails like drinking water often and on so, always make sufficient water available for their consumption and well being. Your quail feeds should be of high quality and formulated with a mixture of nutritious edible components. Fertile quail eggs are precious poultry products which are so highly demanded by people. An effective marketing and advertisement strategy will help you to sell them of as fast as you can an make a lot of money doing your business.

Promote your business and quail farm products through a number of cost effective measures. You can start by designing and placing attractive posters about your business all over the busy streets, car parks or in a well-populated neighbourhood. You can also create awareness for your products through verbal persuasion simply by informing your friends and family members about your business. Give them information regarding the health and nutritional benefits which the quail eggs offers to the consumers. Give out your contact details like your business phone numbers and keep on spreading the word about your business at any good opportunity you have so as to enlarge your customer base, increase patronage for your business and earn more money to justify your sincere efforts and living.

Handbills is also a good way of promoting your business. When you get more money, you can go for adverts on billboards, newspapers, magazines, online media, television and radio stations broadcasts as well as other powerful promotional channels that will fetch you more customers.

Success is all I wish you as you start this lucrative business for maximum returns and profits. Ask me your questions and freely express your views on this article using the comment box below and I will timely assist you with my helpful tips and give your comments prompt attention as soon as I can. If there is something you feel I missed about this business idea, please feel free to add them below. I am ever grateful.

Never forget to keep on visiting this blog everyday to get useful business tips and profitable business ideas that will help you to make money in no distant time. Cheers!

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