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Profitable Garri Processing Business in Nigeria - Garri Production Business Plan

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A massive income is waiting for you out there in the agricultural sector if you are as ready as me to take the bull by the horn and work hard for your living. That is all I can see as I put this article together for you all. Action they say speaks louder than words. That is one thing peculiar with most agricultural investments and agro business models. They are all practicable in the real sense and as such, are bound to milk out amazing and massive profits into the pockets of those people who venture into it.

I will talk about the Garri production business today because it is one of the surest way to be a billionaire in Nigeria and Africa at large. I am not quite sure if the Europeans as well as the inhabitants of other continents like Asia, South America, North America and Antarctica consume this particular food item. But with full confidence, I am well convince to boldly say it that Garri is an agricultural product which many Nigerian citizens and Africans in general cannot do without. It feeds nations. In most countries, Garri is an indispensable food to be joked with. It is prepared with hot water, pounded into a meal and served alongside soups and other local dishes. Also, Garri can also be taken with cold water and mixed with milk, groundnut, cashew nuts, chocolate, salt, coconut, beans, sugar and many other supplements and enhancements.

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In most secondary schools where students live within the four walls of the institution, taking Garri with cold water is a delicacy as it is one of the known easiest ways through which students quench hunger. They quickly prepare it in a minute and fill up their stomachs with it. When I was still a young student, I can never ever go back to the school without taking it along with me. Otherwise, I will miss it dearly when hunger time comes. My mother will even help me out by buying it for me and packaging it alongside other edible provisions and beverages with which I will go back to the school for my studies.

Most Nigerian and African households rely on garri as their major food because it is affordable out there in the markets and also for the fact that it is a very delicious and healthy food. Garri is a starch food rich in carbohydrates which is metabolized and digested by the body to provide optimum strength and energy for work and other day to day activities. The demand for the product is extremely high in Nigeria such that economic researchers and analysts have continued to drag and argue that Garri sells faster than sachet water and recharge cards. Whether it is true or not, I cannot really confirm that to you but all I know is that a large number of the population consume Garri on daily basis with exception to certain sick patients like the diabetics whose bodies do not need too much starch foods anymore.

Notably, Garri is a food item derived from Cassava crops. When raw and matured cassava stems are harvested and processed from fermentation to grinding and frying on fire, Garri becomes the end product. Palm oil is sometimes added to Garri to make it look yellowish in colour. The effect is that food technologists believe that when diluted with oil, the adverse reactions of the acidic content of Garri in the body as a result of the ethanol in cassava will be reduced. The white coloured Garri is believed to be a major cause of different forms of eye problems and defects like myopia, hypermetropia, glaucoma ans others.

But notwithstanding all these, Garri is still a very popular and favourite food for many people as the adverse effects rarely affects people. The product demand is very high and the profit potential of the products is very attractive too. That is why I will advise that you should consider starting a business based on the processing and marketing of Garri. Your financial success is assured if you can go into this business as soon as you can. You will not need any form of advertisement to sell your product because even if you are inside your house, people in your neighbourhood will still come to knock on your door demanding for the product.

You can start this business either manually or mechanically. The manual system will only require few processing tools like knifes for peeling the cassava, water storage facilities, big rubber containers for cassava fermentation, a wheel barrow for taking the fermented cassava to the grinders in the market, frying pans, a fireplace, firewood and packaging sacks. You can start this from the backyard of your compound comfortably and still produce Garri on a medium scale basis. You can get few bags of Garri each day and that is big money for you.

However, the mechanical processing method will require that you buy Garri processing machines from reliable manufacturers at high costs. Also, you will need a land where you will situate and install your Garri processing plant. Corporate registration of your business with the relevant authorities may also be necessary. You need to employ staffs to help out in the production process and also, payment of taxes may be involved. Situate your plant in a place where it will be near to your source of raw materials which is cassava. If you do not have your own cassava plantation, look for cassava farms around your plant and buy in bulk quantities to save your costs and maximize your profits.

On a very important note, you and your production staffs may need a personal training and coaching on the processing of cassava from an expert in the field so as to ensure high quality for your products. After production, package your Garri in sacks, take them to the market and sell them off. Garri retailers will even flood your plant on daily basis to buy from you. This will eliminate massive transportation and distribution costs from your business and help you to make more money and returns running it.

Produce both the white and palm oiled Garri types and market them for huge profits. The oiled Garri is more costly than the white or non-oiled garri so take a very good note of this. Store them in safe places to avoid damages and losses. Try as much as possible to sell your garri stock off as soon as you can because the longer the storage duration, the more depreciated it gets in quality. Offer high quality Garri to your customers and grow your brand's name. As you get more money, you can establish a cassava plantation to make it easier and cheaper for you to source your business inputs.

Enjoy making money from this business. Please give me your feedback on this article using the comment box below. I appreciate your views a lot!

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