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Water Retail Business Plan - How to make a supplementary income fetching water for the Tenants in your neighbourhood

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In every situation or environment you find yourself, please always try as much as possible to explore the various ways and opportunities of making money existing there, take advantage of them as soon as you can and earn income doing so. It can either be through the rendition of services or through the offering of basic products widely demanded in your neighbourhood. Do not say this business is dirty or for the less privileged ones in your midst. Such a negative mindset is what keeps on dragging many young men and women in the world today into a mud of poverty and a lifetime abyss of poverty.

Now, I want you to break of that yoke that has long beclouded your eyes from seeing real time opportunities in what other people see and term useless. Please start developing a vision to always make something out of nothing. That is how many great men today and in the past succeeded. Wash your eyes and open them up to the prospects and power of enterprise and entrepreneurship. That is the only way forward as long as actualizing your dream of becoming a very rich person is concerned. If you want to make it and be a financially buoyant individual then, you seriously need to start taking advantage of viable chances which so many neglect.

It may be a huge turn off for you to come to this blog today and see me encouraging you to drop your hard-earned Bachelor's degree and other top certificates which you have got from other tertiary institutions and professional institutes and start fetching water in your neighbourhood in order to make money. It really sounds funny but one fact about life is that there is no time at all. Time waste can never ever be regained again even if it is just a second. The fact remains that you can hardly land yourself a whit collar job that will pay you commensurately according to the level of efforts that you put in for the establishment. Worse still, finding any of them for yourself is a very uphill task especially in locations like Nigeria where there are millions upon millions of unemployed and under employed graduates and even Doctorate degree holders roaming all over the streets on search of good jobs.

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I can remember a few years ago in Nigeria when the Dangote Group of companies recruited truck drivers massively. Real statistics compiled from the applications received from the job applicants had it that hundreds of PhD holders applied to work for the company as truck drivers. And what will you call that ? After toiling so much in school, writing and defending projects and theses, scaling through tough lecturers, burning your midnight candles, paying heavily for school fees, spending endlessly on text books and reading materials and incurring many other miscellaneous expenses while in school, you end up working as a truck driver for another man and not even yourself. This is to show you that although education is very indispensable and dignifying for the common man, your intelligence, brilliance and excellent educational exploits, saga and adventures can never guarantee that you will be a very rich person. Yes, education really made some people rich but it can never be all. That is why I keep on advocating for entrepreneurship such that individuals will always be willing to legitimately make something big out of any situation or condition irrespective of the nature.

Once again, let me boldly tell you that you can make money for yourself fetching water for the inhabitants and occupants dwelling in your neighbourhood. Even if you have a job, you can still make a supplementary income doing this for people. You can start this business and build enough capital with which to set up another business of your dreams in the future. Instead of loosing your time and end up achieving nothing after a very long time, why not start this business and cash in on your physical efforts.

I will only advise the strong ones among you to start rendering this service to people because it obviously requires enough physical power and strength to do. If you are sick, weak or not too fit, please stay away from this until you get yourself into good shape and condition. If not, you may only end up causing bizarre health and fitness problems for yourself. So beware and be warned ! Also, this business thrives well in locations where compounds do not have boreholes or water supply connected to their bathrooms, kitchens and apartments. Busy and lazy households and individuals always look for people to help them fetch water for good payments.

To start this business, you do not need to spend much money even if it will cost you anything at all. If you have a wheel barrow already, you are good to go. If you don not have, you can buy it or borrow from friend or hire one from a dealer at very cheap prices and rates. Move from compound to compound and advertise your services. Tell tenants that you can fetch water for them at moderate fees. Give out your contacts so that they can meet you and call you whenever they need your services. Design and hang your service banners all over your neighbourhood so that you can grant more visibility to your business.

As you get your customers, discharge your services to them efficiently and get paid for doing so. Charge people according to the size of their water containers and also, depending on the number of times you will fetch the water for them. If the water gallons, jerry cans and containers will be carried up to a high storey building, please increase your charges and make more money. By the time you know it, you will become popular for your services within your neighbourhood. Every now and then, people will call you and beg you to come and fetch water for them and get paid. Do so happily and put big money into your pockets daily.

Be careful not to damage the water containers of your customers so as to avoid being held liable for them which will cause you losses doing the business. Remember to always feed yourself very well so that you can always be fit to approach your work dutifully and speedily.

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