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Passport Photo Business StartUp - How to Start Passport Photo Business and make money

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For real, making money is really a very interesting thing only if you can find out the secrets and discover a paying business plan to venture into. As part of equipping you with the necessary information to make sure that you do not eventually leave this world as a poor man, we bring to you today a very wonderful business idea on Digital passport photography. For goodness sake, it is not as stressful as many businesses out there that will take out all your energy just to earn you a little dime.

The digital passport business is a very special venture because with minimum skills and capital as low as N40,000, you can set it up on your own, be your own boss, create out more free time for yourself and make up to N10,000 profits daily. To start this business, you need the following items:

• A digital camera. Please go for the affordable but durable ones for a start. The sony camera, Fujifilm cameras, Kodak and Canon cameras are of proven and reliable brand should in case you need suggestions.

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• A table and a chair.
• Pieces of white, blue, red, green and yellow clothes to serve as your passport photo background depending on the choice and preferences of your customers.

• A passport printing machine. You can go for the HiTi S420 printer, the HP wait-and-take printer or even the Canon printer which has outstanding features like a standalone battery pack which makes it more portable for outings and occasions.

• The printing films and papers peculiar to the type of photo printer you are using.

• A strategic space or corner by the roadside where you will create your umbrella or canopy stand depending on the one you can afford. Preferably, site your business near a bank, schools, Ministries, government offices, Cybercafes, car parks to mention but just a few.

• An outdoor sign board to advertise your business. Place it in front of your stand to attract people's attention to your services.

• Add other accessories and things that you thing may enhance your business operations and boost your patronage depending on the amount of capital you have at hand.

Once you are through with putting in place all these steps and requirements outlined above, start your business and see the money rolling it. Learn how to operate the camera and the photo printing machine that you can render high quality services for your customers who may even treasure your account for future services.

On occasions, take your camera and photo printer to events and ceremonies, weddings, hotels, fast foods, tourist centres and restaurants. Snap people and print their pictures on the spot. Surely, they will pay you a lot money because of the fast processing speed. On an interesting note, you can do this business either on a full-time system or on a part-time basis.

That's all. I'm only expecting to see you on the top of your game sooner with this rewarding business idea. Thank you for reading!

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Passport Photo Business StartUp - How to Start Passport Photo Business and make money Passport Photo Business StartUp - How to Start Passport Photo Business and make money Reviewed by Ikpokolo Chukwuemeka on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 Rating: 5


  1. Induce quality in your services, then only you will be able to excel in this field. Do not delay the delivery of the photos to the customers.
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  2. Imagic Photo Enhancer is a program which will enable you to add shading and profundity to your photographs in a way which Photoshop can't do, and it is simpler to use into the deal.


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