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How to Vulvanize A Tyre And Make Money Offering Tyre Repair Services to Customers

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Making money is always an activity that gives a lot of joy to so many people especially when they engage themselves in business ventures that will make the cash to flow into their pockets faster and steadily. A guy once came to me with his motorcycle to seek my advice on any reliable business that he can start and make some money continuously. According to him, he was intending to start an 'Okada' business (ie a transport business of transporting people from one place to another using his commercial motorcycle). He was already on the verge of registering with the union of a particular bike group that covered a given route.

However, after a careful analysis, I gave him a very vital advise. As an Okada man, money is bound to be exchanging his hands at every minute all round the day because of the massive demand for the services. He will definitely make a good amount of money everyday in the city doing the business. But on the contrary, if found out that he just learnt how to ride a bike and also, he had eye problems which will certainly make him vulnerable to road accidents and mishaps. And not only that, the government of many states in Nigeria like Lagos, Enugu, Delta and many other locations were rapidly placing bans on the riding of motorcycles in their major cities.

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As a result of these and many other unprecedented problems which I foresaw, I told this guy to forget about it and start a tyre repair and Vulcan business given the fact that he already possessed the requires skills which he acquired from his father when he was still working. The motor vehicle tyre repair and servicing business is a venture that will make him even more money at lesser risks and costs. Among transporters, commercial drivers and private vehicle owners, the demand for the service is extremely high.

When started in an ideal location, you can never ever see a tyre repairer and vulcanizer idle for any minute during the day because they always have one thing or the other doing for vehicle owners and making their money from the rendition of their expert services. Go out to the road and count the number of vehicles (big and small) and also, motorcycles running all over the streets. It is only then that you can imagine the endless financial prospects that accompanies this business idea.

The money to be made from the business is as endless as the motor vehicles riding on the express roads because at regular intervals, vehicle owners and drivers must service their tyres. If they do not change it, they will either service it or maintain it to ensure that they are in good conditions. Driving a vehicle with bad tyres is a major cause of the rampant road accidents all over the world. That is why individuals who value their lives and safety always do well to service and repair their tyres as frequently as possible to avoid all those fatal road mishaps.

If you have the required tyre repairing and vulcanizing skills, I will urge you to quickly go into this business and start making your money. The services rendered by an ideal vulcanizer includes pumping, changing, patching, examining, and servicing of flat vehicle tyres and tubes. Also, they can offer wheel balancing services to vehicle owners and drivers and earn a handsome amount of cash doing so. If there are leakages in the tyre tubes, it is the function of a tyre repairer to detect and gum or patch them up or even recommend for a change of parts if it is necessary.

You can go for an apprenticeship course for a few months in the hands of an experienced tyre repairer and vulcanizer and acquire the necessary skills and experience that will make you an expert in the field. Once you are through with it, buy your own machines and tools, set up a stand in a car park, by a busy roadside, beside a motor parts market or around a mechanic workshop. These are the strategic places where you will operate this business and get a lot of customers within a very short period of time. Render your services satisfactorily to people and make money from it.

Apart from just cars and motor vehicles, you can also service other equipments and machines that make use of tyres like big generators, wheel barrows, trolleys, manual trucks and many others. Charge moderate fees in exchange for your expert services depending on the extent of work to be done for a given customer. Also, you can sell tyre related parts like tubes, wheels, tyres and other accessories in your stand and make more money. Source them from the big time dealers around you and sell them to buyers for profits.

Goodluck as you start this business. If not for money, I would have asked you to go and sleep everyday. But since we like to continue to sustain our lives, we human beings must work to earn our living. Thanks for listening to me today!

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  1. nice post and very informatic. i appreciate the way u wana help the jobless people, may Allah bless u with success in your life

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