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How to make money as a Social Media Manager for Companies and Corporate Organisations

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Since the advent and inception of online Social networks, many companies, businesses, individuals, organisations and associations are now striving and making efforts to get an online presence respectively. Due to the boost in patronage and attraction of fans that accrues from the power of social networking, everybody and vast groups are gradually establishing large online social communities where they can promote, enlighten and spread the word about their businesses, services, products, events and packages.

One of the giants of the online social networking sector is the Facebook social network designed a few years ago by Mark Zuckerberg a young American computer programmer. Other popular social networking websites existing and operating over the internet today includes Twitter, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Google Plus (owned by Google), Pinterest, Linkedin, Ello, among many other large social communities.

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Out of them all, Facebook seems to be the most popular with millions and billions of users all over the world. Taking Nigeria and India as good instances, over 90% of their respective citizens have social profiles, accounts and fan pages on Facebook. The gospel truth about all these social networks is that they unite you with your friends and fans together such that you share your composite interests together

Nowadays, companies, individuals, private businesses, associations and many other groups are seeing the need to create and connect together with their fans, friends, customers, staffs and consumers through social profiles. Notable business like the Coca-cola drinks company has a fan page on Facebook with millions of fans connected to it to get periodic promos, product trends, free offers and news about the company. The same case applies to many other companies in Nigeria and the whole world at large.

As a social media manager and consultant, you can really make millions of money managing the profiles and pages of companies who may not have the time or expertise to do so on their own. Write proposals to companies explaining to them the need to create an online network, group and community of their customers with a view to better promote their business, enlarge their customer base and get a more professional shape for their brands as the world rapidly goes digital and computerised.

Help companies who do not have such online facilities but need it by creating their fan pages for them on different notable social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus. For those who already have social profiles, you can create more pages for them on other networks. However, your job does not end in the creation of these social profiles for them. Also take on the opportunity of managing their social profiles for them and make more money for yourself.

The management of social profiles simple encompasses many social enhancements like the design and upload of the corporate logo of each company to their respective profiles, describing their operations and products, putting up their vision and mission statements, promoting and connecting the pages with the targeted fans and customers (best done with social advertisement plans like the Facebook ads, Linkedin ads and the google adwords programmes), updating the pages with the latest trends and information on activities going on within the company like the introduction of a new product or a reduction in product prices, and lots more.

Also serve as an online social media consultants for companies and other corporate entities and make money rendering your expert services to the. You can get more tips on how to be an expert social media expert by meeting and learning it from any experienced individual in the field or, you can still browse for it using the Google search engine in order to get yourself well-equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills so that you can always be the right person for the job.

Have a good time making money as a social media consultant and social profile manager for companies, individuals, groups, teams and many other entities operating in the corporate world.

Ask me your questions by commenting below. I am always devoted to feeding you with the best answers to the best of my knowledge and to the best of my abilities as well. Thanks!

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