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Land Agency Careers - How to make money from the Land Agency Jobs UK

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Undoubtedly, Land is one of the greatest and most valuable asset and endowment which nature in its full generosity and magnanimity has granted to mankind free of charge. Virtually everything on earth must eventually rest on the ground. No matter how long and how high the airplane flies in the blue sky, it can never remain there forever. It must still land. Even if a bird flies and lives in the skies, it must still hit the ground on its death. Even if its remains is hanged on a tree top, the tree itself is deep-rooted into the soil.

We build our houses onto the land, walk about on it and finally get buried within it when the time is finished. No business venture ever thrives in the air whether it is engaged in the production of physical goods or it specializes in the rendition of services. The food we eat comes from the land and our excretes, egested items and sewage still goes back to it. You can name more inexhaustible purposes that the land serves to all other creations and mankind as a whole. Thus, this explains the reason why much dignifying, customary and monetary values are being attached to lands anywhere, anytime and any day.

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Land is known to be a very costly asset to acquire in any part of the world but most especially, the strategically located ones. However, people do buy lands in undeveloped areas at cheaper rates and resell them at much more higher prices in 5, 10 or 20 years time when its value must have increased as a result of development, inflation, capital appreciation, precious mineral contents as well as other influencing factors.

But locating a good land to buy is always a major problem to prospective investors as a result of abnormally high prices, strange history and developments about the land, secret matters arising as well as the massive cases of frauds often experienced in the process if adequate care is not taken. Also, the stress and discomforts involved in locating a good land can be unbearable and even if possible, the investor may not have such an ample time to look out for a land to buy. And this is certainly where the services of a third party known as the Land Agent is needed in exchange for a package-full of commissions.

Thus, I introduce you to the lucrative land agency business and how to make money from the business. Below are all you need to know about the business before ever venturing into it.

• Go to the appropriate authorities and register yourself as an agent. You will be given a certificate, supporting documents and an Identification card at the end of the registration process. This will save you sudden arrests, hijacks and embarrassment from the police and other law enforcement agencies operating in your area. It also presents your business as a genuine one to your clients.

• After registration, try as much as possible to get in contact with land owners who are willing to sell or lease out their lands through you. Once they approve you as agents over their lands, carry on with your business and look for clients.

• Place your business advert banners in strategic positions and junctions and make it very visible to people. Do not forget to add your phone numbers on the advert. It will allow interested clients to call you up for a business deal.

• Hook up together with other land agents in your location. They can link you to big clients and you can also do the same too. You will learn a lot of business tips from them added to the knowledge you have about the business already.

• Get clients, offer your land agency services to them and earn mega commissions for that. If you succeed in selling a land worth N10,000,000 for 10 percent commission plan then, you have succeeded in making a cool sum of one million naira at the spot.

Just look out for opportunities. As they come by, take on them boldly. Follow it up and try as possible to materialize the deal and make millions of money offering your land agency services to interested clients.

Learn more about the business for any land experienced and registered agent in your area and get more tips on how to excel. However, you can also explore other profitable agency business models including the security agency business, travel agency business, job recruitment agency business and house agency business and discover how to make more money for yourself. Ask your questions in the comment section below for clarification and feedback.

I am solely dedicated to ensuring your success in this life whether people like it or not. Cheers to your success !

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