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How to make money designing Interlocking Stone Tiles and Walls

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Let me take you again to the building and construction industry where I will expose you to one of the fastest way of making millions of money within a very short period of time. When you are determined to make money in life, you can easily find what you are looking for especially when you focus down your goals on one point. They say it is one step at a time an one thing before the other. Over the years, I have discovered that one of the major reasons why people fail to make money out of their sincere efforts, struggles and hardwork is that they fail to concentrate on one place.

They become jack of all trades yet a master of none! I am well convinced that out there in the building sector, a lot of interesting opportunities that will enable you to make money everyday exists there but it is all a matter of choosing the area in which you will focus and specialize. There is nothing like being an authority, a specialist, a consultant and even a leader in your chosen field. Every if you are a concrete mixer, an architect, a civil engineer, contractor, block moulder, bricklayer, plasterer, painter, tile fixer, plumber, electrician, door mm maker, window craftsman, interior decorator cleaner or any other professional in the building industry, it will be very nice if you can endeavour to be the best at whatever you do such that when clients need an expert in your field, your name will be on the lips of everyone because of your good and reliable works.

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The business idea that I want to share with you all today is none other than how to make money designing and moulding interlocking stones. From the title of this article, the content is obvious because I made it to be very clear over there. I hope you all know what Interlocking stones looks like? If you have been to private residences and even establishments like schools, churches, business plazas and hotels, you must have seen beautiful compound floored with interlocking stones. They are specially designed stones made with cement and sand and shaped in a mould to dry for use in outdoor environmental decoration.

Gone are those days when german floors were the order of the day. In these present times, the use of interlocking stones is the latest practice in vogue as far as outdoor flooring is concerned. The stones comes in different colours of ash, green and red and they are made in such a way that they can lock each other to form beautiful designs and patterns that adds bliss to a scene or compound. Builders of nowadays find it a great utility and has made it indispensable in the building of houses. Combined with a good floral landscape, interlocking stones makes the best of homes and beautiful outdoor scenes.

When I was rounding up my NYSC programme after my graduation from the tertiary institution, a 'passing out' lecture was held to enlighten the young graduates of our set on the vast entrepreneurial opportunities that we can venture into and make money for ourselves given the high rate of unemployment in the country. In the course of the programme, a speaker talked about how to make money through the manufacture of interlocking stones. I never took the woman serious then until some months after passing out of the scheme. I conducted a feasibility study and research into the business only to discover that truely, it holds a lot of financial prospects for the unemployed masses.

It is very simple to learn and it does not require too much start up capital. Just find a space or lease a land by a busy roadside. Learn the job from an experienced person in the field. One month is enough for you to be an expert in the field. Design your own moulds to be very unique from others and start making these interlocking stones. Connect yourself with builders and contractors so that they will always come and buy interlocking stones from you as soon as they need it. Place a well designed sign board of your business on your stand so as to enlighten the public of your services too.

Supply interlocking stones to building sites and make money doing this business. A year is just too much to be a millionaire doing this business if you set it up rightly and offer high quality services and products to your clients. So endeavour to give them your best so that they will keep on coming back to pay some money into your account for your products.

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