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Profitable Cell Phone Accessory Business Plan - How to Start Mobile Phone Accessories Business Plan and make money

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With full confidence, I tell you that you cannot afford to fail doing this very business. Although there are many other nice opportunities of making your cool money out there in the telecommunication industry, selling the accessories used by mobile phone users is a very easy way of earning a good income daily. The business is highly profitable and the start up requirements and capital are not too tedious and difficult to afford. Also, the products in question are very portable such that you may not need a big storage space for a start.

As we all know, almost all human beings in the world today now make use of mobile phones. Some may have one, others may have just two while many others can boast of having over ten phones alone. As for me, I have only 3 and I always maintain them to my taste on a steady basis. Considering a country like Nigeria as a very good instance, there are millions of her citizens who use mobile phones. And from time to time, the need to use mobile phone accessories always arise as a result of damages, luxuries and for some other reasons that I cannot necessarily explain.

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But do you really know what these mobile phone accessories are? I have been saying 'mobile phone accessories' since the beginning of this article and I will not be surprised to notice that a lot of people reading this post do not know the real meaning of what they are. For the benefit of doubts and also, to enlighten you more on this business idea today, I will explain what it means. In simple terms, mobile phone accessories are those enhancements and items that are compatible with mobile phones which adds extra features, functionality and abilities to the devices. They enhance user experiences on mobile devices and helps in exploring the full technological potentials of a given mobile phone.

Having given you a brief insight into what the mobile phone accessories are all about, I will step a little bit forward to name some of the core items that make up the mobile phone accessories. I know that you have seen these items and even used them on a steady basis but you may never know that they are all classified as the accessories of mobile phones. However, clarity has demanded it today that you should tap a full knowledge of these items as well as their usage from me. I feel so honoured to do so too. Without wasting much of your time, below are some of the popular and widely-used mobile phone accessories and enhancement items which most dealers market to mobile phone users:

These batteries are not just ordinary batteries. They are specially designed batteries made for different types of mobile phones. Generally, batteries are the stores of power for many equipments like the wall clocks, cars, radios and many other devices. The same case also applies to mobile phones. Mobile phone batteries are very portable power packs that provides the requires energy for the operation of mobile phones.

The name says it all. Even without much explanations, you should know the meaning of mobile phone charges from the caption I gave it. They are mini gadgets made in such a way that they help in infusing and replenishing the lost power of mobile phone batteries either from electricity power source or through the generator power. Mobile phone charges can either be direct chargers, desktop or universal chargers.

This is a very popular mobile phone enhancement widely used by many mobile phone users. It is an outer speaker optimized for the two ears and used mainly for listening to radios and playing musics, sounds or videos from your mobile phones. Many mobile phones have ear piece outlets from where you can connect your headset cables and conveniently listen to media contents without your phone emitting external sounds and distracting people around you.

This accessory is a multi purpose item as long as mobile phones are concerned. It can be used for data transfer from one mobile phone to another. Also, it is used as a connector for many other utilities like chargers, music enhancements and so on.

It is called a power bank because it is used for saving and storing power for future use by mobile phones. The distinguishing feature between mobile phone power banks and batteries is that while the batteries stores power for direct usage on mobile phones, the power banks stores power that will be used to re-energize the batteries once they get flat.

So, it is a secondary power source. Power banks comes in assorted types and specifications. We have the solar charged power banks and the electricity charged power banks. It is a hot selling product nowadays especially in locations where the electricity distribution system is not steady and reliable. Travellers, students, business men, civil servants and a wide category of mobile phone users make use of this regularly to ensure that they stay connected to the mobile networks for an uninterrupted connection and communication with their contacts.

A lot of high brand phones are very costly to afford and when users manage to buy them, they tend to over-pamper it as a result of the high cost of acquiring them. One of the most delicate areas that always give joy whenever you see it neat and unscratched is the mobile phone outer screen cover. If it gets scratched by sharp objects and edges, it always reduces the value of the phone as well as the quality of the on-screen graphic media presentation and production. Thus, it needs to be guarded with a mobile phone screen guard - a transparent, fanciful and shiny layer masked to the screen cover to protect it from accidenral damages and scratches. It is changed from time to time.

These includes all other parts of a mobile phone both internal and external that must ne present and coupled together in good and perfect conditions in order to ensure that a mobile phone is functional. They include items like the screen, screen cover, phone casing, motherboard, internal speakers, keyboard, key pad, charging ports, buttons and many others. Mainly, they are demanded only when they get faulty in a mobile phone and makes it usage inconvenient for the users and owners.

Mobile phone pauses and holders are worn onto a mobile phone to protect it from untold damages like falls on the ground and into the water, scratches to the body and other forms of protectable damages.

A Memory card is a storage medium used by mobile phones for the storage and retrieval of media and communication contents. It is a tiny device that is inserted into a mobile phone for the storage of data and information. Since the internal memory of most mobile phones is always small, it does not always meet up with the storage needs of the mobile phone users. Hence, this accounsts for the wide usage of the external memory cards which is a very indispensable accessory as long as the convenient usage of mobile phones by individuals is concerned.

Moreover, there are many other mobile phone accessories and enhancements that can be added to the list but these are the ones we can offer you for now. Dealing in all or some of them is a very profitable business to venture into. To start up the business, rent a shop and source for these items from an importer. If you have enough money, you can even import them by yourself and save your costs.

Stock the accessories in your shop and sell them off in bits to your customers as they come. Test each of the at the point of sales before your customers to ensure that they are all in good condition. This will exempt you from the blames of reckless customers who may use the items roughly sooner than they have bough it from you, spoil it and come back to make troubles with you. That is why you must endeavour to test it for them before they ever pay and go home with the items.

You may need more detailed information about this business. Simply consult an experienced person in the field to put you through or you can send me your questions using the comment box below for helpful tips and clarification.

Remain focused on your dreams and you will be successful with your hardwork accompanying you every moment!

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Profitable Cell Phone Accessory Business Plan - How to Start Mobile Phone Accessories Business Plan and make money Profitable Cell Phone Accessory Business Plan - How to Start Mobile Phone Accessories Business Plan and make money Reviewed by Ikpokolo Chukwuemeka on Sunday, February 15, 2015 Rating: 5

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  1. please, can you help me for a sample of business plan, someone want to assist me financially and ask me to write a business proposal of #2,000,000 for the business, I'm unemployed and I need to give him the proposal by next week. Thanks, I'm living at Ibadan.


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