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Meat Selling Business Plan - Start Cow Meat Business In Nigeria and make big money daily!

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Let me laugh and smile a little because I can imagine you all laughing and smiling too at how funny this business idea sounds. To you it may appear to be a very dirty and useless business but to me who actually know a countless number of close friends and other people who have turned into rich men through this business, I must tell you that it is not a business for people whose minds are so lowly-visioned about their finances and for others too who do not actually know where money is to be found because of their wrong senses of reasoning and judgment with regards to commodities and products with big monetary values.

Such people will never dissuade or discourage me from riding on with this wonderful business idea because I am here for people who actually want to be rich and not for people who are already rich or those who lack the self belief and zeal that they can ever become millionaires in their lives. And for your information, being a millionaire is no longer in vogue as long as Nigeria is concerned. A millionaire is someone whose total net assets and properties is worth one million naira only. Yes, I added the word 'only' because most business men in city markets are already multi millionaires who are struggling and hustling by all means to attain the billionaire level.

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Moreover, many varieties of meat sourced from different categories of edible animals are being sold in the markets. But for the sake of this article, I want to expose you to the valuable business prospects and mega profit potentials in the selling of cow meat commonly known as the beef. While cow Butchers are those traders who sell meat in the market, butchery is simply the art of doing the business.

However, the meat market in most areas is structured in such a way that these butchers buy their meat in bulk from designated cow slaughter houses known as abattoirs and sell in retail quantities to their customers. The slaughter houses buy the cows from the northern nomads and cow rearers as soon as the animals are matured for sale. It is a very big time business because almost everybody is your potential customer ranging from individuals, schools, churches, event organizers, restaurant managers, hotel managers, suya sellers, pepper soup makers and all many households.

Cow meat is a meat with an extremely high rate of consumption in Nigeria due to the fact that is relatively cheap, readily available in large supply quantities and more nutritious compared to the meat of most other animals. You do not need to have a second thought about starting this business if you have the interest of going into the venture. Nobody regrets it ever.

I know one Nonso in my neighbourhood who after graduating and looking for a job for a very long time got frustrated and was taken out of the country to Cameroon by a relation who promised to help him start a trade. When the young guy reached there and things were not working out the way he had expected it, he returned back to Nigeria and took over the business of his late father - butchery. As I am talking to you right now, they guy is happily and comfortably married with kids. This business boosted up hid finances and he now owns a clean ride as well. He has vowed never to leave the butchery business because of the huge amount of money which he is busy making from it daily. This is a true life story but there is something that I want you to learn from this young guy.

Do not wait for graduate jobs and positions that are not existing. Do not waste your time travelling all over the world to hit money when your success-filled destiny is lying right there beside you waiting for you to discover it and pick it up.

To start this business, you need just a little capital. An amount as small as N20,000 or N10,000 can start this business for you comfortably. Register with the market association of meat sellers and butchers in any market of your choice where you wish to start the business. Find a selling spot and place your selling table and seat there. Get you cow butchery knives ready for action and business. Wear an apron to keep off your body from stains. Buy lumps of cow meat from the market slaughter house, take it ti your table and sell them of at huge profit margins.

As you make your money and smile to the bank, remember to show me gratitude by coming back here to give your testimony to other readers and people who are still having double minds about making it in the business.

Ask me your related questions in the comment section below and I will get back at you with some helpful information as soon as I can.

With us by your side, you are always in the right place for a proper business coaching exercise !

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