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Starting a Profitable Bitter Leaf Farming Business - What is Bitter Leaf Plant?

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There are obviously no doubt that this particular business idea can draw you out from the well of poverty and clothe you in a house of money. Bitter leaf farming is really a promising agricultural business venture ready to wipe away the sorrows of financial tribulations which you may be passing through in your life right now. There is nothing like agriculture, it feeds the nations and enriches the pockets and bank accounts of only the smart individuals who go into it.

But why do people always frown whenever we talk about agricultural business ideas ? It is so funny that many people see it as a very dirty business. To those people anyway, they can go for white collar jobs (even if they will find once) and continue wasting their efforts labouring and building business empires for other entrepreneurs who only pay them a pin's fee for putting in their maximum efforts, working so hard for them and toiling in sweat and pressure for them.

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For real, you need to erase that notion of dirtiness from your mind is you really want to make money in this life. I have always told people that you can never find enough money staying in high class air-conditioned offices, dressing in corporate attires with a tie hanging over your neck daily and blowing grammars that will add no economic value to your financial worth rather, real money is being found in dirty places which all bothers itself on agriculture.

Young guys and ladies, are you tired of being broke for most part of your life? Are you ready to break yourself up from the yoke, shackles and cuckoo of poverty, dependence on people and hunger? Kindly wake up to reality now and grab real opportunities that will change your life. Let me put you through on how to start up and manage a profitable bitterleaf farm.
Bitterleaf is a household food stuff consumed widely in Nigeria by many families and households. It is used in preparing a wide variety of foods, local dishes, soups and lots more of delicacies. Traditional drug makers and herbal medicine centres also use its extracts in making their drugs. This thus, proves that bitterleaf really has a high market demand because of the nutritional and medicinal values that people derive from it. Now, I will teach you how to start a bitterleaf farm and make money like never before.

• Firstly, you need a land. Buy one, get any free one from your village of visit the River Basin Development Authority in your state (if you are a Nigerian) and the government will give you hectares of land for a very little yearly token of N4,000 or thereabouts. Isn't that amazing ?

• Secondly, buy bitter leaf stems from a local market. To reduce costs, you can source it cheaply from bitter leaf farmers in your village.

• Propagate the stems after clearing of land and making of farm mounds and ridges.

• It will take between 3 to 4 months for your bitterleaf plants to blow fully into maturity and ready for harvest.

• Once it is harvest time, pluck the bigger leaves and sell them in the markets for huge profits.

• Continue doing this everyday of your life until you get tired of making money from bitterleaves which I know it can never ever happen. One interesting thing about bitterleaf plants is that they exist for a lifetime and does not need to be re-planted like corn and pumpkin. The plants will remain there in your farm bearing leaves for you in and out of season and making you lots of money.

• Always weed your farmland occasionally and water it during dry seasons to ensure that your plants get more nutrients to produce fresh and large leaves. You can add fertilizers, manures and even apply pesticides to ensure a good healthy and safety for your bitterleaf plants.

• Also, you can fence your land using sliced bamboo sticks to ward off burglars who may break into the farm and take away your produce in your absence.

That is all I have to tell you for now about this business. As time goes on, I will update it with any recent developments that will increase your productivity of the vegetable as well as the volume of profits and money you make from the business. Always be on the alert and keep a close watch on this blog as you enjoy setting up your own bitterleaf farm.

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Starting a Profitable Bitter Leaf Farming Business - What is Bitter Leaf Plant? Starting a Profitable Bitter Leaf Farming Business - What is Bitter Leaf Plant? Reviewed by Ikpokolo Chukwuemeka on Monday, February 09, 2015 Rating: 5

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