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Profitable Wrist Watch Business Plan - How to Start a Wrist Watch Business in India Nigeria and Make Big Money Silently Daily

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A business venture established and based on the sales and marketing of only Wrist watches is one that is sure to pull in massive profits and lots of money into the pockets of the investor. This is simply because commodity has a very high demand all over the world. Mainly, people buy wrist watches for their luxury purposes, fashion needs and just to look good. Recently, an Arab billionaire who lives in Dubai showcased his billion dollar worth golden wristwatch on his Instagram page. The news was carried on popular news portals like Yahoo.

When I saw it, I could not help it but to wonder and marvel at the power of luxury and financial buoyancy. How can someone break his bank account to afford such a precious and valuable belonging for himself? Life style actually differs and I am now gaining more concrete grounds in my shaky belief that money actually moves the world, shakes it and turns it around. Going by facts, that wrist watch when I saw it was never worth such billions of money spent to acquire it. The seller may have only bought it for a few hundreds of cash and resold it to the buyer at super mega profits. Just put yourself in the shoes of the seller of this wrist watch and imagine what billions of money will be sleeping inside you bank account; what magnanimous financial worth you must have had at the moment.

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But why am I saying all these to you? The reason is very simply and obvious. I want to you open up your business eyes and mind and see the huge profit potentials and financial prospects and breakthroughs that comes with the wrist watch business. I have got to understand that most people buy what they like. Even if a man is very broke and poor as a church mouse, he can starve himself, work over time and go hungry just to get money to buy that car, build that house or acquire that jewellery item that has caught his eyes and pleased his mind.

Out there in the fashion world, wrist watches are hot cakes that sells as fast as the twinkle of an eye. Human beings of all very age categories and ranges wear wrist watches. Even if you are still a baby who is yet to start walking, a little kid, a teenager, a youth, an adult, a grown up or an aged person, you will always find need for wrist watches at one point or the other in time. It was before that wrist watches were very costly to be afforded by all persons. Thanks to the producers of the commodity who have finally made it in such a way that the product can be easily bought by people at cheap prices according to their sizes, weight, looks, designs, quality, durability, brands and material makes. That is why we have different types of wrist watches made of rubber, silver, bronze, gold, diamond and other precious elements and materials.

This market segmentation practice has helped individuals so much especially as it applies to the acquisition of these items. If you do not have enough money to buy the golden or diamond wrist watches, you can comfortably go for other high quality ones made of rubber, bronze or silver. Even if you want to buy the ones made with inferior materials and electroplated with dissolved precious elements and shiny gloss, they are all available for you in the market at very affordable prices.

People always buy wrist watches either to keep themselves updated with the correct time in their specific zones, fashion themselves beautifully or to showcase their wealth and riches. Ladies always design and adorn themselves with classic wrist watches so as to always appear classic, exquisite and exclusive in the eyes of their admirers as well as the general public. All these are to show you and convince you that wrist watches not only have a very high demand pattern all over the world but also, to expose you to the huge profits which you can make if you start selling wrist watches in the market to the buyers.

To start this business, it is very simple. You can start it on a small scale basis by packaging your wrist watches in bags, taking them to the market or a strategic spot, display them in show glasses and sell them off to interested buyers for huge profits. Also, you can take them to houses, offices, schools, churches and other social gatherings where people gather together, market and sell them to get even higher returns on your investments. But if you plan to start it on a large scale basis, you will definitely need a shop or a warehouse for your business. It can be perfectly situated along a busy road in the city, inside a fashion market or in a well populated urban area. To source for your wrist watches, you can buy them from the producers, the importers or you can even go out and manufacture or import them by yourself if you have the financial capacity of doing so.

Once you have your stock ready, market it and sell them profitably to buyers who will surely come around your selling point frequently. You can sell a wrist watch at a price which is 100 times the cost of procuring it. That is to tell you that you can be a billionaire overnight doing this business. The reason is that wrist watches are fashion and luxury products. If a buyer gets interested in them, they are ready to pay any price to get it as their own. That is the bargaining advantage you will have in this business. Do well to exercise it effectively over your customers and make a lot of money for yourself.

Make sure the products are in good condition at the point of sale before handing them over to your customers after receiving their payment. If they are operated with battery or solar power, test them sufficiently and confirm that they are not faulty to avoid selling bad products to buyers and end up attracting bad names to your venture. Wrist watches are very delicate and fragile products. So handle them carefully to avoid suffering damages and incurring unnecessary losses.

Keep them safe from getting in contact with water even though some of them are water resistant in nature. Shield them jealously from excessive heat from the sun to avoid undue decolouration and other adverse effects that will reduce their market values. Store them in security tight rooms and warehouses to avoid having them taken away by burglars.

For more helpful information on this business, please comment reasonably below for a timely assistance and futher mentorship from me. Alternatively, you can consult an experienced person in the business to put you through on how to start this business and manage it for maximum profits and returns.

Thank you so much for coming here today to listen to my business-filled voice in this article. The pleasure is really mine!

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