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Real Estate Business Plan Template - How to invest in real estate and make money from the business

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This one of the best investments a big time investor can ever make anywhere in the world today. Building of estates and office complexes is really a money making machine if only you can afford the huge capital involved to start it up. That is the only known constraint that may pursue and scare people away from tapping into this opportunity. But be it as it may, let me write this article only for people who have the monetary millions and financial wherewithal of solidly going into the venture.

One thing I can assure the potential investors in this business line is that their profitability is rest assured as long as they build up good quality estates and residential properties employing expert hands in the field. You will never ever regret doing so because from day to day, people flood into the cities to reside there, new businesses spring up and need shops and offices in which to begin operations, expatriates and rich men lease houses (mainly the duplex models) every now and them as they seek for maximum comfort, privacy and security in their lives. So if you happen to be an owner of such assets, you are sure to make a lot of money and returns which can cover up your initial investments in less than a year.

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Even if you do not want to rent out or lease your properties to people, you can just engage yourself in a business style where your job is to build houses and sell it off to buyers as soon as possible. Every day, people make acquisitions of houses at record-breaking sums. The profits we are talking here is not in thousands. We are talking about making millions of cash and even up to a billion in one deal depending on the size and cost of putting the estate in place.

However, some of the prerequisite needed to set up this business includes the following:

• A spacious land preferably in an Estate or a Government Reserved Area (GRA) or in a strategic place. It may be costly but you are assured of selling it off or renting out once it is ready because the aforementioned positions and locations are always the main choice of buyers. Only agricultural business ventures may go into a remote area to buy cheap lands and rent properties at minimised rates.

• An experienced contractor who should preferably be a civil engineer well versed in the discipline. He will work hand in hand with other related professionals in the field including surveyors, architects, valuers, actuarial experts and other miscellaneous jobmen. He will be the one to ride on the contract of your estate from its initiation stage to the completion stage. There can be more than just a contractor depending on the size of estate, residential property, business plaza or office complex that you want to build.

• Once the property is finished, please hand it over to a legal practitioner as soon as you can. There are several property lawyers and even estate managers our there who can offer their legal services and managerial services for you over your properties at commensurate fees. This is to ensure a tight physical and documentary security for your property.

• If you need insurance services, do well to insure your property with a General or non-life insurance company. This scheme will indemnify you for losses against damages or the occurrence of stated events as long as you are always up to date with your premium payments as well as the fulfilment of other financial obligations and miscellaneous requirements.

• To rent out, lease or sell the property at prices already stipulated by your estate valuer, find clients through registered property agents and estate managers. Pay them their one-off commissions and start enjoying all other returns on your investments alone.

Like I said earlier, you can cover up your initially invested capital in less than a year because the returned on estate properties are always extremely on a high side.

For more information on this business, you can seek expert information from a consultant in related fields or browse for more facts about the venture online using the google search engine. Also, I can help you from the average research knowledge I have already gathered in the business. Get your questions across to me using the comment box placed below for adequate feedback.

Thank for reading!

TAGS: real estate business ideas, real estate business intelligence, real estate business card template, real estate business loans, real estate business model, real estate business cards, real estate business plan template
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